Saturday, 23 October 2010

Inworldz update.

20165 users at the time of writing and 642 regions.

Inworldz..... Number Two Grid..... the figures become meaningless, so fast is the growth.

In April there were 130 regions...August 10,000 users, September 15,000, October 20,000.

....And, with recent changes to the code this level of growth is not stretching anything, it seems that "region restart requests are way down." according to Elenia.

This from TanquilityDexler...

"What the heck is WHIP2?

This is an InWorldz designed and built asset storage system to allow load balancing and scaling. The tag WHIP2 indicates that the revision being pushed out the grid is not only R398, but some later changes to allow simulators access to this new asset network. Our asset cluster will now be able to scale simply by adding new servers with some storage space. This makes future growth easy whereas with many other solutions a "scale up" approach would have to be used causing future downtime and limiting growth potential. To date our residents are using around 1tb of storage. This is really awesome but we know it'll grow much larger. This custom solution gives us excellent control over our future."

...and, I understand that as they now are the largest client, by a long chalk, of the company hosting their servers they are in a position to negotiate a very good maintenance contract.... it's all good.

And, I am very happy that Scotsgraymouser Janus, "Mouser" dragged me into IWz over a years ago now to build some trees for her Alchemy sim.... now, after a month of owning my own sim, I'm ready to open my shop.

It's called Rainbow Country, and this is the logo I'm using....

The thing about trees and landscapes is that selling from a vendor is a bit crap. We have all bought clothes from vendors where the images have been Photoshopped to make stuff look great....just get it home and try it on to find it's rubbish. So... my shop in SL was badly running out of prims to a state where I couldn't show all my latest products without taking older stuff into my invent.
That was fine for a while cos some of my older stuff needed composting anyway, but... I still ran out of prims, and, discovering I was paying 13 times as much for a prim in SL than I would be in IWz, I made the jump.

Now, I realise that I could possibly have created more traffic in SL than in Iwz but... and this is the big But..... people don't buy trees when the grid is looking like it might get sold, or when every bit of news is drama-laden.

Stability is not only a Code Thing, it's about 'the long haul', and tho the grid may be stable, if the company running it is looking flakey that generates an insecurity in the minds of the residents.... and they don't buy sims, and they don't buy trees so much.

So.... the shop, Rainbow Country on soror Nishi Island opens on Sunday, 2 pm, Nox will DJ and you are all welcome, Ruthed or not..... or you can go die in the lag of the Burn....

InWorldz is a very 'hopeful' place and, altho we need some more good quality shops, I find I am not very concerned with how I look there. I am there to DO something rather than look like something, and, like in RL when I'm fired up artistically, my clothes (if they're clean) don't really take up any of my brain space.

So...don't get hung up on your 'look' you are welcome for your personality rather than your Invent....



  1. I did visit your places and I am really tempted!! But i have to re decorate my sim totally then :) Now its a boring swedish village!!! Jeeezz boring boring....

    but i think i might squeeze something from u in there now and then until my renters are getting used to it and in return I got to get me a more vivacious sim

    Really inspiring! :)

  2. I love your work and I am so glad you came to Inworldz *hugs*


  3. [as Jazz] will be visiting; buying; and generally, just sitting around admiring your awesome colourful, shapely plants.

  4. cool...I love it.... look forward to seeing you all IWz.