Thursday, 7 October 2010

Imagine Magazine

Hugo Ocello came to visit me one day. He told me that he was running a magazine called Imagine, and would like to interview me for an article in his magazine..

Hugo is a very well mannered man and we fell to chatting about life, the universe and everything... and on the back of our chat he produced a very extensive article for Imagine.

Rebecca Sue Magic took and manipulated the images for the article as she works for Imagine as a graphic artist through her Magic Eye Studios.

..and has produced some very interesting images, even turning me into a cover girl... not something I ever expected to happen.

So, about Imagine... "Each month we will bring you the best of Second Life with a wide range of topics that will give you all a fun read. Each of the managing editors is in their own right accomplished people; artists, fashion designers, builders, role play specialists, musicians, poets, explorers and scientists. We are seeking the best information we can find and want to bring it to you."

Hugo interviewing me at UWA.

So, it looks like being a magazine to keep an eye on..."This is our journey so come along and enjoy the ride as we open all the possibilities in this virtual world called Second Life. If you have a story let us know we want to hear from you -- show us what you are doing, we're always looking for another good story. And if there is a way to improve what we are doing we want your input."

You can get the free magazine here... look for the vendor, pictured above, at their offices. They also have a website where a web version of this recent edition of the magazine will appear in a couple of days... here....[home >> gallery.] along with a list of staff, and contact details.

With Yoko Ono coming to SL it's sort of fitting, I guess, for an art based magazine..




  1. Thank you so much soror for your kind words. It is very gratifying and I am honored to call you my friend. You were a joy to work with, and sitting down to talk with you were moments that flew by and enjoyed greatly; time takes on a different form with good converstion accompanied by a good helping of living art. *bows with a flourish* Thank you.

    Hugen Ocello
    CEO Imagine Magazine

  2. People such as you two are my joy in virtual worlds.

  3. Well, the feeling is entirely mutual, Brinda.

  4. Thank you Brinda, that is very kind of you to say. My passion is to get a chance to meet good people like soror who create amazing art I can live and play in. Just doesn't get any better than that for me.

    Magazine is posted up on now, where all the big magazines hang out with soror Nishi front and center.