Thursday, 7 October 2010

Relax, peeps.

The Lab is not for sale.

Straight from the horse's mouth (sorry, you know what I mean) comes this Tweet... "RT @Dusanwriter: Posted Why Linden Lab is Not for Sale; the most obvious explanations are the best ones, Dusan gets this mostly right." [bk linden]

and further.... "@Dusanwriter Good piece of analysis centered on what makes sense for running a business, not drama and intrigue."

Drama and intrigue, no idea who the Boy could be talking about there.

...but all this on the back of the annual tweet.....(in reply to a theory that Philip doesn't Tweet)...."@jfenderboa @IndigoMertel Oh yes I do! Plus, SL is growing, not failing."

So...there you have it, SL is growing and not for sale. End of.


Except..... totally inadequate ....too little ...too late. Unacceptable. Pathetic. Get a grip!

Now, I could commence a rant here, but there are others who have done so... so I won't.

Meanwhile my recent pythonesque post went viral (well, viral for this "boring little melodrama"), professors in the Leading Universities, and Lindens stopping Very Important Work to argue over who Yes Linden is....

.....and my duck post was obviously complete crap. Definitely not for sale. Not now. No way.

Still if my shoddy writing is good enough for the Lindens to read, it's probably a good one to follow........ in 31 different countries...



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