Saturday, 9 October 2010

UWA Finale...

OK, so tomorrow, Sunday, make sure you get to go to UWA. (that's almost a message to myself as my memory needs jogging...)

The Finale, which is like the summation of the years work, plus, an important plus, the judging of the machinima contest will take place at 6am (sorry West Coast, but thems the breaks) at UWA, of course....

Now, with so many good pieces on view, there are obviously gonna be amazing works that don't get picked, that's life. There is also, obviously, a question as to how you compare an orange with an apple... but they have a good judging team, and I would hope everyone takes it as a little light amusement.

These are the details, in their press release format..

FINALE: UWA 3D Art & Design & MachinimUWA II - 10th OCT, 6amSLT

The Grand Finale for the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge & for MachinimUWA II: Art of the Artists will be on SUNDAY the 10th of October from 6am SLT at the 200-seater, UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre. More than L$570,000 will be divided among the winners of both these challenges. Plans for the Grand Collaboration will also be announced!

Date & Time: 6am SLT, Sunday, 10th October 2010
Location: UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre (200 Seater)

Guest Speaker of Honour: Lumiere Noir (creator of the legendary Ivory Tower Library of Primitives)
Star Performer: Mommaluv Skytower
DJ: Eifachfilm Varcirca

UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge Finalists & Prizes

There are 31 IMAGINE finalists, 13 IMAGINE : Non-Scripted finalists and 23 FLAGSHIP finalists shortlisted from 841 entries from across the year. Additional prizes have been added, over and above what was initially indicated due to LaPiscean Liberty, Bohemian Ghost & the Summerland SIM & the Casey Family of Western Australia.

IMAGINE: 1st (L$75,000), 2nd (L$16,000), 3rd (L$15,000), 4th (L$12,000), 5th (L$10,000)

IMAGINE Non-Scripted: 1st (L$14,000), 2nd (L$10,000), 3rd (L$5,000)

FLAGSHIP: 1st (L$75,000), 2nd (L$16,000), 3rd (L$15,000), 4th (L$12,000), 5th (L$10,000)

Peoples Choice (IMAGINE & FLAGSHIP): 1st - L$15,000, 2nd - L$7,000, 3rd - L$5,000

Peoples Choice (Non-Scripted) : 1st (L$8,000), 2nd (L$5,000), 3rd (L$3,000)

MachinimUWA II : Art of the Artists Entries & Prizes
45 entries from around the world were received for this challenge which grew as a tribute to the artists of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge. Here too, additional prizes have been added, over and above what was initially indicated, due to a secret benefactor, Bohemian Ghost & the Summerland SIM & the Casey Family of Western Australia.

MachinimUWA II: 1st Prize $L70,000, 2nd Prize $L40,000, 3rd Prize $L30,000, 5 Special Awards of L$10,000 each, 1 Honourable Mention $10,000, The Aview Award L$10,000

UWA 3D ART & DESIGN - How the Judging was done

Each judge listed their top 10 in order for IMAGINE & FLAGSHIP & top 5 for the non-scripted. Works receiving a 1st place vote were allocated 6 points, 2nd place 5 points, 3rd 4 points, 4th 3points, 5th 2 points, and 6th - 10th place votes received 1 point each. The winners are taken as a straight aggregate compiling the individual rankings of the 23 strong judging panel (see website)."

So, it's been an exhausting time for all involved, especially JayJay and Quad I would think.

UWA has really had a major effect on the 3D artistic community and sponsored us with such warmth and positive spirit that it rightly deserves to claim the title of The Most Important Art Show In the Metaverse.

It seems to me that it is all on a scale that sets it far apart from any other art event that has ever happened in SL, and therefore, in the Metaverse.

I can't really do more than offer thanks to all involved, organisers, sponsors, artists; you have raised the bar and increased the standard, and this will have a beneficial effect on all involved in the Virtual Arts world.

Be there.



  1. It has been a great year long event at UWA due to the hard work of Jayjay and quadrapop.

    Also due in no small part to all the financial support in RL and SL. First from the University for opening up their sim to the event. And then, every participant began receiving a small payment for their contribution at some point in time. I think that was of secondary importance compared to the opportunity to display in a large venue, but important nonetheless.

  2. Only a pity that even a great guy like Jayjay is not able to let art speak for itself. When the flagship of money enters in the Australian harbour censorship is the only selfchosen way to bow for his new sugardaddy's. But as he is so cute he is forgiven.

  3. Yeh, you know you love it, SaveMe... :))