Friday, 22 October 2010

Businesses get shafted, again.

Darrius Gothly, in his post Lies, Liars and Corporate Fraud – Linden Lab, has heard that Brodesky Linden, the guy who basically is in charge of getting Marketplace to work (after they broke it) is to be sacked because he lives in the wrong state, rather than because of his big mouth. Full report here on theDGP4SL Blog.

Amazing that such heightened penny-pinching is operational at the Lab, and, if it is, could be the cause of a lot of anger and turmoil.

However, the BIG news, and the reason Darrius is furious, is that the Boys have decided to shoot the small businesses in the head. Well, that might be a bit dramatic,'s how it goes...

Search... if you own a sim you stand a chance of a good listing in search...

If you own a smaller parcel... you don't stand a snowball in hell's chance of getting near the top of the list.

In a very typical lack of transparency, Jack Linden refused to say how the maths on the search system worked, but no-one was deceived. I must say his attitude stinks. He comes across as a weasel, well, actually weasels are quite cute, so let's say he comes across as a shit.

The (false) logic is that businesses will all upgrade to a The small businesses are not something LL is gonna worry about.

Now, all I can say to small businesses is....MOVE TO INWORLDZ!! tomorrow.

Sod them.



  1. This is no surprise to those of us who followed the Boyz Orifice Ours when they first bought SLExchange. There were huge discussions and pointers that the move to monetize and destroy freebies, Jack up the fees for listing lower-cost items and so on were the result of a collusion of Big Business Owners (read-sex beds and certain clothing labels)and LLz.

    At that time Search also seemed to break from the EXCELLENT model that SLX had going for it, to a broken one where certain items would shoot to the top of the searches, no matter if they were in fact related at all to the query string (ie-they deliberately busted Boolean AND, + and other search operations).

    Moving towards a Blue Mars model? Looks like it - a favored bunch of "creators" (why, with all their carping aout intellectual property, don't they go after the 'Gucci handbag' makers... the ones who advertise openly about cheap digital knockoffs of someone's real-world digital trademark properties?)

    "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... stick it in the oven til it's done"

  2. ....and stuff the duck first, I guess....

  3. Wow im impressed by the energy they put into this endless screwing up. New ideas every week.

    We have the Newcastle disease here in Sweden now, amongst ducks, so Im not tempted Miso =))