Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Best of my Week.

Selavy Oh, an artist I have written about regularly, has once again taken art in Virtual Worlds to a new level. Her spherical topography at Magoo has her signature white cubes flocking or swarming like organic life forms in a way unseen before inworld. Mab has once again sponsored a great piece of work.

The Best Burn is, without a doubt going to be Wizard Gynoid's Temple at Burn 2.0. With Nur Orphuls doing a massive 3500 scripts to make it all happen... the event will be repeated at.. noon, 8pm and 4 am SLT. I don't have the SLurl...check Miso's map.

The Best Land Idea thanks to Elenia of Inworldz....she has compiled a list of sims which have been abandoned in IWz, these you can take on if you want a sim, and save yourself 50US$ in fees, that is, you pay 25$ for renaming plus 75$ per month...great idea. Swap move fast to take advantage of this deal.

Best Thought for the Day has got to be Tateru's post about knowing when to quit, this for me is advice I would give to the Boys regarding Viewer 2, which I think could well be the undoing of SL ..

Best Future of the Avatar, scientific post, has to be this... from the WSJ.

Best Investigative Journalism... by Nightfire on women and SLex.... here.

The Best Story I have read this week is by Cubey, about Virtual Worlds, that is...

...and last but not least, the Best News for Artists is that UWA is, again, sponsoring with partners, a new art challenge....details here.

So, that should fill up those slow Sunday afternoons if you need something to do, and, of course, the Best Party is gonna be at Rainbow Country in InWorldz at 2pm with Nox rocking my sim, soror Nishi Island. time....



  1. Wish I had seen or heard about the abandoned sims thing in IW - would have saved me some $$ - never mind :) Dolphin Bay will soon be all quad-ified...

  2. I think its fairly a day or two old. Welcome, anyway, I look forward to blogging about your sim.

  3. thanks so much for your support Soror.
    do chek out the link.

    about 15 artworks already submitted before November even begins

  4. aw, ty soror! just discovered this!