Sunday, 17 October 2010

Philip bottles out.

New look....well, not new look, by Mars Absent. In a blog post titled "We have a winner"... I'm thinking we have a Loser too....

I find it deeply depressing.

If someone wants to dress up like a stupid tart with huge tits, body oil, stockings and stilettos, that is totally a personal taste thing and the fact that they chose a common stereotype rather than something which has required some imagination is sad, but not depressing.

What is depressing is when the CEO of the company running the Lab chooses, out of the infinite possibilities available to him to don the male equivalent of the tart look, with Rocky Horror stolen lips and a mosaic crutch. Now, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, was/is a good movie...but not that good. Not good enough to promote year after year on your Tshirt. I would have preferred the LL logo, at least he has the right to wear that.

I'm pretty sure that if I were to wear a logo which I had stolen, I would be called to task eventually by the Lab, or someone for an IPR violation.

As a way of projecting yourself to the world it is a bland stereotype which only a 35 year old male with no-one to tell him how crap he looks would wear. I wouldn't be seen in public with anyone looking like that.... and in my circle of friends he would be ridiculed.

So, all-in-all very disappointing, but, then, most of the stuff produced by the Fashionista Bunch of Morons around SL is enough to make me scream. Why would anyone want to look like they stepped out of Vogue into SL ? ....Beats me.

I guess it's all part of that fear of the unknown and the unwillingness to make a statement in case you get criticised or looked at. What a shame SL hasn't given them enough courage to try something different.

If you can't try something different in Virtual Worlds then you have missed an opportunity, and that's exactly what Philip has done, bottled out.


...obviously no balls behind the mosaic pants.



  1. Chuckles... I want M linden back.... at least he could dress himself.



  2. *giggles* =)) Yes he lost all cred he may have had in the process :)

  3. "a mosaic crutch"... /me makes note: Never sip coffee while reading soror's blog.

  4. Never mind his dreadful new appearance -- what are people going to do about all those wonderful "Philip Linden" statues and dolls? This is a grid-wide disaster!

    PS: Does anyone know if Linden Labs got a license from Twentieth Century Fox to use the lips image from the "Rocky Horror Picture Show"?

  5. Yep, I guess we should do an alternative type competition, like how would you like Philip to look..... but really life's too short to spend more than 30 seconds on it. I'd like to make him visit a mall.

  6. LMAO Soror, "...obviously no balls behind the mosaic pants."

  7. Well...I can see I'm in good company. Because the alphabet has CM before you soror...the robot got my first comment (and I've got my clipboard full with another quote to post down the way)
    So,it was something like, O!M!G!