Sunday, 24 October 2010

Wizard Gynoid, sim breaker extraordinaire.

In the second of three burns Wizzy has given us the best burn ever seen I think... aided and abetted by Nur Ophuls she has just shown how to do it... properly...

Well, Crash and Burn is a great title for anything, like a piece of music, but this one was Burn and Crash...

Now, I've lost count of the number of sims Wizzy has crashed...but that's not her fault, is a bit, but pushing the medium until it creaks and stretches is what artists do... so, clean that dust out of the servers Boys, she'll be at it again at 4pm SLT...

A MUST see.



  1. Funny...Wizzy and Nur worked on that @ Benares and demonstrated it to myself and a couple of friends last eve...didn't crash us either.
    Btw...for those that may not know...Wizzy is a determined wench to say the least =^..^=...While she did yell at me for my paniced return of that complicated build a couple days ago (don't ask!)....She just rebuilt it. So cool set to midnite!

  2. will reburn it at 8 pm SLT and 4 am SLT. i don't think i yelled at brinda. i shouted a bit. hehe.

  3. =^..^= it was more a gentle chiding, and well deserved heh heh

  4. :))) happens to us all...not Wizzy chiding...I mean deadline stress...XXXX

  5. Just a GAPING good time. The most impressive thing for me, being with the Burn 12 hrs a day average for the last week, was the incredible ecology of so many scripts - not ONE bit of lag on this viewer's side and not a crash in the sim.

    Well unless you cound all the pieces of the Temple and my 32-sample crashing glass opus :D

    Hats off to the skill of Wizard, Nur, Artistide and Miss Nishi for talent and beauty and use of natural resources!

    tons and tons of awesome photos and views on Flickr.