Saturday, 16 October 2010

Customer Self-Service.

Well, as I mentioned a few days ago, when I couldn't access the SL blogs, I was interested in finding out how the Boys were gonna improve Customer Services.

I'd seen a link for... Improving Customer Services... and, after ranting about not being able to access the blog, with Wizzy's help I got access, maybe because I'm a celebrated whiner, who knows, and Yoz Linden IMed me to tell me he had sorted it out, so, Wizzy and I are in, just over a million more residents to go if it's gonna be done on a one by one basis...... the blog...

"As we mentioned in our last blog post, the Customer Support team continues to drive a series of changes to the way in which Linden Lab delivers support to our Resident community. We are examining our support offering from top to bottom, using the data from our new support system, your survey data, blog feedback, and industry standard practices to help shape our approach.

As we approach these changes, we have a number of high-level goals in mind:

Leverage industry best practices, and our own hard-earned lessons, to create a comprehensive customer service offering. [ermm....who's hard-earned lessons?]

Respond to high-urgency, business-critical requests more quickly. [look after the rich first?]

Better address product and service issues before they become a support interaction. [sort stuff out?]

Provide all Residents with better self-service tools to help solve issues immediately."

Hmm...yes, PR speak...what are they actually saying??

First item: we are gonna do something.
Second: we are gonna do it quicker.
Third line.. "Better address product and service issues before they become a support interaction.".. is just another way of saying a stitch in time saves nine.

and so we come to the fourth line...namely... "Provide all Residents with better self-service tools to help solve issues immediately."

Now, this self-service tools stuff.. well, I have that at the petrol (gas) station and that is pretty much the norm now.....however... customer services are normally done by the company for the consumer.

So... the Lab is really breaking new ground here by helping us to do customer services ourselves.

I guess if they provide me with my own telephone number I can ring myself when my invent disappears and complain... then, with training, I might be able to calm myself down from an excitable state and reassure myself that I am making steps towards solving the issue.

Then I got to thinking that they already have us doing our own maintenance reports, helping fix the viewer they broke (some of us) and testing their mesh trials too, so D-I-Y on the Customer Services would fit in nicely... maybe we can eventually run the grid ourselves, the one we filled with content and they charge us for.

Anyway... no need to whine any longer soror, Things are Getting Better. The latest post on the Boys blog... here.... the "Back to Basics Technology Improvements" fills a soul with hope for the future.

Reduced Lag.
Faster Texture Loading.
New Chat Service coming soon.
Group limits raised to 40.
Viewer 2 improvements.
Faster bug fixes.
Display names in public beta. in all, absolutely nothing to whine about there, is there?

All's well with the world. idea why Inworldz is just about to hit 20,000 users... a mystery..



  1. heh heh... A "celebrated whiner"...
    Wow! You gotsa title now =^..^= ...
    I love it.

    Hey...'bout time someone said the things so many of us think

  2. Well, Miss Nishi, we have... we have THOROUGHLY examined your... your various SUGGESTIONS... and we'd like to assure you that... that your concerns are very important to us... we have... we have thought VERY HARD about this, and we will be forming a committee... that will have, as its aims, several goals... for reaching the target of addressing these issues with the UTMOST... care and attantion to... the ideas you have presented to us... in order to MAXIMIZE our... efforts in the direction of... our residents. Thank you for your concern!"

    - teh Boyz

  3. ...that was Vice Linden, not Miso...:))

  4. taking bets on when the Lindens will respond to my Support ticket about my missing inventory items. going on six days now.

  5. Lalo: only because I listened to several hours' worth of Phillip looking for soundclips to use in my Burn2 build.

    Yes, yes; I am THAT dedicated to my work!