Sunday, 17 October 2010

Burn 2 laggy to move...

...BUT.... worth the effort...

While America was asleep I crept into Burn to have a look round... now there's 6 sims as opposed to 30 or so last time, and, it seems like a lot of crap didn't get built this year.

I thought the standard of the builds was higher and this is in no way a comprehensive selection of the best, its just what I got around to seeing before my cucumber sandwiches and Earl Grey tea coincided with USA's waffles with maple syrup and peanut and jello sandwiches.

Madcow, well, not much to say really. I love Madcow's stuff and this is a wonderful build with layers and details and a generally mad overall concept. It fits well on the playa and is well worth finding.

I don't know Kere Delcon but this is an imposing piece, a performance space I you know I'm short on details...

Raven Haalan has based this piece, Bell Tower of Privilege, on a poetic night under the stars and its got a lot going on... check it out.

Ub Yifu, as if you couldn't guess... wonderful...and tho I didn't find a notecard, I didn't feel I needed to look for one either. Surely one of our master builders.

Wizard Gynoid, with help from Artee, Nur and others has put together this amazing will really come good at the end as it houses 3500 scripts to aid in its destruction. Hope Wizzy will make sure we get a video of its demise.

I didn't really get to explore this one much. It's the Stilt Bitches Flying Circus and built, it seems, by Paramparamm Papp.. and is for the circus lovers amongst us.

I got to Bryn's build too, which is a chance to practice your camming skills again... but photos would be a give-away...

...and Miso's House of Cards is a sound installation as much as a visual one which she explains here... full of layers and depth.

I was very happy to bump into Thomtrance and the Happy Clam pose under Jedda's first tree build ...and cut a rug with some fine folk too.

Now, there must be some seriously crappy servers running the show which again is a missed opportunity by LL. They could have tried a bit harder to help these guys, it is all good PR for them. Free content by top builders... duh!!

...all in all...well worth a return visit, again, while the USA sleeps.


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