Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday Blogwatch.

The Lab, FB, sex and Avatar Rights....... in no particular order.

Well, actually, let's start with the Boys.... no Lab-Bashing (not much, anyway) but the suggestion, first mooted here at the time of the buy-out rumours, namely that the best owners of SL would be it's citizens, us. Kanomi has presented this idea in a sensible manner rather than my glib, throw-away-line-style of, and the idea was taken up by NWN later in the week.

However, with the SLCC 2011 now being held in San Francisco, rather than in London (a rumour I am sure I heard somewhere...) I wouldn't expect a huge number of peeps from the Old World. It is about as far away as it is possible to get from us.

...and still on the LL meme, a new blogger, Emma Geraln, has voiced her opinions on the First Hour Experience... good to have a new voice in the debate.

Talking of debates, there has been a very heated one on iliveinsl about Kitely. Now, reading the 87 comments kept me up way past my summarise..

1) a bunch of people hate FB and see that as a major hurdle..
2) the PR machine/bloggers have got people interested before Kitely had stocked its shelves properly
3) some people just like to argue.

My own comment got eaten by the system and as it was late at night, I gave up... discussing the idea that FB is the Best Thing Since Elasticated Panties... I commented...

"Where does this myth come from? The one that states that more is better? TV has more users than FB ... so should we go for a remote control VW on TV?

130,000 people 'liked' SL because they could not access the site before they 'liked' it.....and what good will 130,000 Likes do for me, or any other SL user? 10,000,000 users too stupid to download a viewer will not improve SL, or any other VW .... sorry, I don't buy into 'the more the merrier' myth.

When you make something easy to do, like producing music at home for example, you get an exponential growth in the weight of crap music around. How may of the trillians of photos posted online should have been deleted?

Easy does not equal good...... it just equals more.....and, really, like Kitely, SL is not ready to take more, it can't even service the 'few' users it already has."

Posted here as the whole FB myth is alive and kicking in LL too. sex/gender.... Tateru has bravely started a discussion, via BitMob, on the role of girls and women in warfare games.

My position on this has been posted before as I am firmly of the belief that their is a smaller difference between the genders than is culturally supposed, both biologically and psychologically we are close, very close. Semenya, the South African athlete was a case in point, she ran too fast to be a woman...Duh!!.... where's the logic in that.

Lastly, a developing discussion on avatar rights as outlined by Ralph is developing on The Lawbringer's blog which might be worth keeping an eye on.....

That should keep you busy if you feel the need to catch up ... or just log on and chill...



  1. GOD!! Thanks for this summary!! I havent had time to follow blogs for a while. Awesome =)

    I agree in all u say. And I hate FB!! And there is less difference between women and men than we like to confess. Its mostly cultural.

    Thanks for bloggin all i wanted to say and read about so I can go back to my procrastination ;)


  2. hehehe....well, glad to be of use...:))

  3. whew, thanks! Now I know what's going on again!

  4. all humans start out as females biologically speaking =)

  5. Yep, it's the default setting.