Monday, 25 April 2011

Pictures from a Party InWorldz.

Well, I didn't manage to get good shots of everyone, some just turned out crap...sorry...

Mera, Birthday Girl, did manage better with her

I really enjoy going to spontaneous things like that. It was a great night. Witty banter, the stuff dance floors used to be filled with before people drowned out chat with those annoying gestures and sounds like farting whales..... [who thinks any tune is improved by the sound of a bullhorn ... (maybe a few exceptions)]... it was a great gang of people...

Thanks to Jim for the music.

Great way to spend a Fertility Festival night..... tho the rumours are unsubstantiated.....



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  2. Excellent party and Soror you always bring colour to wherever you go. Plus if it's a fertility party the attendance of The Horned One is a must.

  3. O god i did NOT manage better! You make amazing portraits! =O brilliant!!! None of us looks this good! Thanks!! And big warm hugs and thanks for coming to Midsomer and partying with us! xxxxxx

  4. OMG my HAIR! XD
    But the party was GREAT! Thanks for coming, soror :D

  5. WOW!!! Those are some gorgeous portraits!!! I just love the feeling and personality you captured with each. What a fun party! I'm so glad you were there! :D

  6. @ Bradd...good to have a good solid male there, or two, or three...etc.

    @Mera, I didn't get them all tho...

    @Leanna....yes...had to get a low angle...I think you were balding last night...:))

    @ Boudica,....a shame I didn't get everyone, but....another opportunity another time...

  7. Holy crap we look gooooood .. Thanks Soror for putting these up. Great to finally meet you and dont kncok gestures .. If used right they can be a laugh ;)
    Great party, can I have some more,please Sir? ;)

  8. @ LadySakai....heheh...yep, great to meet you after having only known you as a Tweep. True about gestures, but know what I mean...:))...sure...I have a 4 year rezzday coming up in SL...guess I should celebrate that too