Thursday 19 November 2009

Told you.....

Well, now it's easy to think...."oh...soror's off on another" but, as I have shown before, I do have my moments.

In my recent post...Economic Stupidity at the Lab I said...."Obviously there is a thriving economy between avis that the Boys want a bigger share of. Now, I think this is short-sighted and stupid. Sucking blood regularly ends up killing the host."

In a recent announcement the Boys have decided, in spite of my blog ! to go ahead with a little blood sucking......well..more.... "biting the hand" actually. XLstreet, a poor sort of shopping experience at the best of times is now gonna cost a commission. Yes, it's gonna cost to put stuff on XLstreet.

"Monthly Listing Fee for Freebies of L$99:
Monthly Listing Fee of L$10 for all items L$1 or greater:
Minimum Commission of L$3 on all items priced L$1 or greater: "

......and that's no's here..

So...well, now it doesn't take much of a genius to realise what would happen.... 20,000 items taken off in the first 24 hours...huge protests and....well...I'm just about to remove a few more...mine...

My stuff has been on there for months and I have sold it's not much of a shop is it. I thought it was doing well before the Boys bought it.....

Thanks to that roving reporter Wizzy who gave NWN and I the heads up on this story....

It is exactly what I meant tho...who, o who, o who.....thinks that increasing taxation stimulates an economy.... haven't the Boys heard about The Depression, surely some history is taught, even to geeks??

This is the time when they should be putting their hands in their pockets and doing some stimulating, financial stimulating rather than pocket billiards (pool)...

The stupidity worries me.


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