Thursday 5 November 2009

Busy building stuff....

Well, some of you may already have seen this on my Flickr stream where I am called misssorornishi becasue I forgot my password and stuff after a very short while..:))
...anyway, it's called the Slipper Orchid and is my latest flower, tho I haven't got round to putting it up for sale yet (same with the following two pieces...*sigh*)

This is the Blue Oak and it has no fruit, flowers or particles, it's just a pretty tree and I can't wait to get the opportunity to plant a forest of em, I think it will be a nice cross between real and soror trees, its got a sort of real feel to it. Well....about as real as I'm ever going to make, I think.

...and this one is the 85th Ancient which is a 3 prim tree, so fairly useful for small gardens cos prims cost money... I have made various attempts at a 1 prim tree but I'm not really happy with them. Partly it's down to the restrictions of Blender, there are only so many 'vertices' and you cant do much in 64x64 pixels...things may look a bit different when we get meshes...(when)... but I think two will still be the minimum prim count... trunk and canopy are so basically different in texture and structure, tho there are some very clever people out there with 3Ds Max who have done very well....

In other yourself your own SL for just US$55,000, yes, that's the price of your own grid with 8 sims and 10 types of avi....Nebraska land grab starts today. It's now called Second Life Enterprise, not Nebraska,...and it's aimed at businesses, well, at that
I guess what irritates me a bit is not that these people want to insulate themselves from the talented builders of SL, that's up to them, but how is it that they get offered 100 avis per region and we only get 40??...or have I missed something. Seems to me like I have been contributing fairly regularly to the Linden fund for a few years , maybe I should reap a few benefits too?? Haven't I been helping out financially with it's R&R as well as the new cars and expensive lunches??

I do love you all really, Boys.... but...

55,000....well, it's like I always say.... the Lindens don't work for Lindens...



  1. come see the slipper orchid displayed on me :)

    its entered into the Nov round of the UWA 3D art & Design competition

  2. yep, UWA is worth a visit, or two.... and you can always vote for me...:))