Sunday, 1 November 2009

Order and Chaos

The two photos above are of Pirats new show Art Kahos

The official

"La création continue...

Art Kahos s'élance pour une course d'un moi durrant lequel, 12 participants, avec
chacun son regard, son talent, réalisera sa sculpture en s'adaptant du travail des autres; pour un but final, voir s'élève une œuvre unique; fruit de ces 12 passionnés. Travaillants dans l'esprit du renouveau de la vie, exposer ici sur SecondLife.

Parrainé par Patrick Moya AKA Moya Janus, en partenariat avec Bourbon, Pirats vous invitent à
La naissance d'une œuvre façonnée par ces 12 artistes; comme une célébration a la vie.
D'après l'idée originale d'Igor Stravinski: Le Sacre du printemps"

"The creation continues ...

Art Kahos starting, running away for one month. 12 artists with
theires look for, his talent, for one month, eah artists will realize his own sculpture by adapting his work about the work of other artist, for a final target, rising up an unique work, friut from this twelves artists. Working in the spirit of the ( rebirth of life ) expose here, on secondlife.
Hosted by Moya Janu AKA Patrick Moya and partnering with Bourbon Island, Pirats invite you to
The birth of an creation relized by this twelves passionate artits for creating like a life celebration.
From the original idea of: d'Igor Stravinski: The Spring Sacre,"

and, you can go see it here

Now, as you know I have a bit of difficulty with these sorts of things and I may not be qualified to say much about it, but that's never stopped me before...

I think that, no matter now passionate the artists are, or how many you have, there has to be a sort of strong framework around these collabs. I have included a photo of A Freak of Natures show at BL09, below, as an illustration of how things have to be held tight, I believe.

A pile of art only becomes an installation or collage if the total is more than the sum of the parts. Originality and passion are not enough.

I am also a bit annoyed at how often Spring, or any other season of the year is used as a "theme" for a show. Currently UTSA and Pirats have used this to instantly forgettable effect.

Why do people feel this amazing need to use a theme? I was asked to contribute to a show with the theme "Human Rights" earlier in the do trees, have really to be stretching all credibility to find a way of squeezing socio-political meaning out of a daffodil.

Well...the answer is that is supposed to be a glue that holds the whole chaotic thing doesn't if it's a vague intellectual concept.....ever.

....and so....move along now to an unsophisticated, clear, plain and simple piece of work. The Mushroom House by Scottius Polke.
Hand made textures, my favourite, and a bed to jump up and down on, plus other little treats. No dramatic intellectualisation, no backstory, just a bit of fun with some nice pen-work. I could feel the sort of 'play' that is left in the work by someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously, but has enjoyed what they build.

Excellent...... it's here.


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