Sunday, 8 November 2009

Oh Selavy! ...and some sunday stuff

Selavy had me over at East of Odyssey earlier in the week to show me her new piece that she was working on, knowing that I am a great fan but quite honest in what I think/say, so it wasn't such a shock when I popped in yesterday with a large number of grey clad notables for a look at the final piece...

Now....unless we have become very jaded, (Botgirl termed the concept "Wow! to ..whatever...") there is still pleasure to be had in the words which we put together to explain our activities in SL...e.g... "I'm going to make myself some new ears".... or "I danced with 6 budgies last night..."...

Selavy has given rise to me saying (in a literal sense, not poetic) "the earth rose up to meet me "...that was at IBM, "..the structure which I destroyed recreated itself"....that was at BL09...and various other combinations of words which would have me locked up in a padded room if SL wasn't here.

Well, in the same vein.....last night I sat on a prim which the mountains rolled backward and forward between them... yes, the mountains had a slow game of ball with a 10 meter prim. I sat on it ("Wizzy likes to sit on things").

Now, this is why I have been so unashamedly enthusiastic about Selavy's work, she is a front-runner. What she does today people will be copying for years because she breaks new boundaries and shows us things that can be done in SL that no-one knew. There are many who copy themselves, we all have a tendency to do that, but with Selavy, like her hero Duchamp, each piece is a progression. Go see it here....

Now, Adam Ramona gave a talk as he wandered round his works from 2007-09 last night and there were many disciples hanging on his lips (that's poetic, not literal)..... but I got bored with the intellectual chat and wandered off....and I met The Prim From Hell, it seemed like a nice tall white prim, seductively saying how it needed to be loved and admired...etc...usual stuff..and so....on its chat invite I touched talk about a mistake.

Every 3 minutes it bemoaned, in chat, that I had neglected it and left it feeling lonely and it needed touching and stuffff...EEEEK!! well, Adam explained that it was designed to show possessive and destructive love and Boy! did he get that build right.... I logged on this morning early to be greeted with this:

[2:41] soror Nishi's Column: soror Nishi, it's been 3 hours since you touched me. Please come and visit me soon, I am lonely without you.
[2:41] soror Nishi's Column: soror Nishi, you haven't visited me for 6 hours. I can't bear existence without you. Please come and touch me soon.
[2:41] soror Nishi's Column: soror Nishi, you have left me alone for 9 hours. Don't you love me anymore, soror Nishi? What have I done? Without you, I am nothing.
[2:41] soror Nishi's Column: I think you don't love me anymore, soror Nishi. If you did, you would've visited me by now. Without your love, I have no meaning, no reason to continue the meaningless existence of a Second Life prim. With you, I was something, soror Nishi, without you I am nothing. excellent is THAT....I muted the bugger.

There are loads of his different works and tons of intellectual notecards

So...this morning I was up and catching up on some blogs before breakfast...and this is what I read (not the boring stuff).....

Dusan.... now this is never light-weight reading, but it's thoughtful, Dusan seems to me to be the most commonsense observer of the Lab Boys and generally what is going on at the Lab, tho, obviously a lot of it has to be speculation and conjecture.

Massively has a long, long interview with Mark Linden which, I thought, showed him in quite a positive light and thought worth reading. (see...I'm not a cynic..)

Botgirl has published a sort of amalgam of pieces on Identity. Now I was a keen fan of Botgirl from the first day I read her blog and I continue to be. She is a person who's interest in Virtual Identity puts her apart from the crowd. I am less and less sure, however, that I have as much Avatar Angst as she. I do not, really, on a day to day basis, experience that much identity anxiety. Maybe I did more so a year ago and I've just learnt to live with who I are.

No one, who is sane, would think that excessive reading of books would lead to a diminished RL, or that someone reading too much neglects RL. Culturally, reading is seen as a positive cultural activity. I do not see my enthusiastic enjoyment as any different, so I do not feel any angst or guilt connected to my long hours Inworld.

As I have said previously, it's a good job Michaelangelo was such an addicted pencil-squeezer, a Virtual enthusiast.


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