Monday, 6 December 2010

Whiskey Day's Challenge v.3

Whiskey Day, a very funny lady, has started an ongoing series of challenges for us Inworldz bloggers which have been taken up and enjoyed by many.

The third in her series is to find somewhere you haven't been before, on InWorldz and blog it...

Now, I haven't taken up her challenges as religiously as some, but this week it fitted in with circumstances...

I was at the UWA awards yesterday, and some excellent pieces got chosen for prizes and the full list is documented here. (My personal fav, Miso's piece which I bogged a few days ago was listed...:))

...anyway...Ginger Alsop and I were chatting thoughout the whole thing and she was telling me about her build in InWorldz... we shared a joint prize for Best Unscripted Work, and she won another prize on top of that!

So, I went out to Nexus Central today to see her work on InWorldz..

..and I liked it a lot.

While it is very nice to stumble on those very warm and homely builds where you could chill and laze around, I do feel that VW's give the possibility for Heroic Architecture. There is no gravity, construction problems etc...and the chance of really sculpting structures is seldom taken. Where some have chosen to 'reach for the skies' there has, in SL been a tendency to settle for a stereotypical cartoon-style futurism. This build is really just exploring the geometry and scale that VW's give.

Now, as the ground textures and the subtle style of this smaller build show, Ginger is not a person with just one talent and I, for one, am excited to see how this all progresses...

It's at Nexus Central if you want to find it on the Map, very near to Jeri's sims.




  1. WOW!!! Very cool. I'll have to go see for myself! Thanks so much Soror!

  2. Thanks to you for getting us out there exploring, we love this grid, but we don't know but a fraction of what's being built out there.