Thursday, 23 December 2010

What did Santa drop off early??

Well, a rather large packet in the shape of a new CEO has been dropped on the table as early Festive Gift, it seems.

Rod Humble, from the Sims, previously is joining LL as our new CEO.

Now, lots of jokes have already been Tweeted about his name and I am not gonna go adding to them in this respectable news media. I don't see anything amusing about being called Rod Linden....(*attempts to stifle giggles*)

My feeling is that it is probably too late to make much difference whoever is CEO, but maybe I'm just being a bit negative...full details here, and the official

He certainly has the experience to make a difference ....if he is allowed to, or wants to.

In an interview with Wired (while working on the Sims) back in March he said...

"Games have been my chosen form of entertainment and art. Now I'm running a label, and so I'm less able to focus on small very, very creative games. I've got a job to bring in a large amount of revenue each year. So I decided that I'm going to do all the weird stuff that I know I won't make any money off of at home. That's the appropriate place to do it. My day job is making entertainment—this is a noble profession and will make millions of people happy. At home, I like to make games that are art, and I don't care if the audience is just one person. It doesn't matter if a dozen people like it or a half million, I'm just focused on the art itself."

Well, we will see how the games experience comes to play here... and, he can't be all bad if he's a Brit....

Can he? (suddenly has visions of nasty Tony Blair....and wonders if that was a wise thing to say after all.)

Oh well...



  1. the redeeming quality of M. Linden was the fact that he was an artist wannabee. this seemed to be his motivation to cater to us. i see it as a good sign that Humble Rod aspires to making art in his off time. he defines these "games" he makes as art. this is an encouraging sign.

  2. Yes, lets hope the LEA gets a new lease of life, amongst other things....

  3. I agree with Wizzy; and I know "true gamers" and it's a lot more than just mechanics; a good game community is a very potent thing, and I'm glad he put it in those terms. Of course, now we will see if he is able to use that or allowed to use that.

  4. And ill just say, Merry Xmas!!! =)

  5. It is rarely a good sign when a company seems to struggle finding someone to run it... changing CEOs as often as socks.
    One of the very bright points I do see is found at minute 3:07 of the, Monday 2 August 2010 video where he speaks about us having control as opposed to the monarchy we've had.

  6. It will be interesting, for sure...