Friday, 3 December 2010

The Star Factory

Maeve Eiren is hosting a debut show at her new gallery in Avalon.

The invite goes as follows...

"This coming Saturday (the 4th) at 2 PM SLT, you are invited to ice-skate and dance to the live music of The Born Again Pagans.

Come check out the artwork (by soror Nishi, Sunn Thunders, and hexx Triskaidekaphobia) hanging inside and on the roofs of The Star Factory gallery, then have a stroll through the Art District of Avalon Town.

This is a first for soror’s 2D art to be seen in SL, a look back at my vintage steampunk-y decorations, and some cool photography by hexx.

The fantasy garden, where we’ve frozen the inlet, is magical, especially at midnight.

The gallery is a new no-fees hangout for art exhibits and charity events.

Contact Maeve Eiren, if that sounds useful. Better yet, come meet her, have a skate, a dance, and a look at all that’s on display."

Now, the Born Again Pagans, many of you may know... probably the most laid back musicians on any grid, but the fact that Hexx is a photographer is something that is a small revelation...

Sunn is already well known as an artist and always worth checking out...

...and I have helped plant up the garden....

it's kicking off here at 2 pm on Saturday...(tomorrow)...


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