Friday, 17 December 2010

Local Soror Nishi Land

Well, I started about 10 O'clock, I first downloaded Mono, altho the actual bit I needed to download was linked in the actual notes, so I could have downloaded the actual Mac sim-on-a-stick first.

A guy called Daniel had done all the hard work download this first).

Then download Mono....follow the link.

...and X11 you will need if you haven't got it running already...I did, cos I use Gimp.

This was my third attempt at getting a local sim to work on my Mac, but the first time I had used Daniels download. I had used an "easy" set of instructions before and had failed. The only mistake I made was trying to close the Text Edit/Terminal thingy programme...that has to stay open it's the start up file...

Two hours later I stopped for a spritzer (yes, it's what) having 4 sims, and new avatar called Test User, and 1200 sculpt maps already uploaded.

Now...4 free sims....what can I do with 60k ++ free prims, I wonder.

Let's see.....



  1. Ohhhh I can't wait to see what you do with it Soror! It'll be amazing, I'm certain. Congrats!

  2. Congrats! I just did the Macintosh OpenSimulator install earlier this week. What a great feeling to have a local sim!

  3. Yes, It's quite special, It's like having a huge workshop of your own.

  4. yay! you got it working on Mac! W00t!!
    Yes, it's nice having a private workshop, esp terraforming :)

  5. ignore the 15k prim limit per region. you can go over that. woot!

  6. 4 sims is enough yes. I tried to have 9 sims once, on one server = no no... ;)

    Have fun!!! =))