Sunday, 5 December 2010

GoodBye Idontknowwhothefuckyouare... sorry

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I logged onto the SL website to do a bit of financial control and general management to find, when I checked out who was online, that I had friends on my list who I don't know...

Handmadeandroid, Luscious Lily and Oliver Slipstream are NOT people I have ever friended.

Luckily I am still running 1.23 and Imprudence because, I'm sorry, but once these new contrived names start appearing on my friends list....they are gonna be culled.

It's not because I don't like you, I just don't know you.

I hate FaceBook because people use their real names, often without telling me who they are. They may be Joe Swift in RL but that is absolutely no good to me when I have met them as Quirky Av..

If you have an urgent need to change your name and do so without telling me... what else can I do but drop you and see if you get back to me with an explanation of who you really were.

I have trouble enough keeping up with who is who without playing silly buggers.

Send me a notecard if we are close, if long and change your name often...



  1. Completely agree with you, Soror! I have had this with a couple of friends when I look at my account on the SL website, but so far I haven't upgraded my Phoenix (heard a few stories that scare me off, but I'm innately conservative about technological change) so I get who they are if I log on. I know of one or two cases where people are making slight adjustments to a name, but this effect of the new naming policy of SL is likely to be increasingly annoying. Yes, it seems that if you plan to change your name, it behoves you to notify everyone on your friend list individually that you have done so. Not necessarily the reason, but the simple fact.

  2. Hi, yes, I read your post on the subject. I have already deleted 3 or 4 "friends".