Thursday, 3 September 2009

Oberon Onmura

Oberon is the latest in a line of people who have harnessed the power of LL's atmosphere to create art that is purely NPIRL. You can get there here.

Selavy was the first person I know of to do something similar. Well over a year ago, maybe 18 months, she gave me a "curtain" (more like an abstract cloud) that changed shape and moved with the wind etc. She showed it at BiW.

Comet has recently done a huge piece, 4 sims I believe, (nice to know the right people) which similarly turns the atmospheric dynamics into an art piece.

Now, I can't help thinking that under other circumstances LL could have given us all the facility to change our environment more substantially. In the beginning LL decided that heaven and earth, up and down, with sea was the way forward. I think the geeks were all so keen to show how "realistic" they could make this VW that they bypassed other opportunities, but, hey, that's the way it is.

Imagine tho if you could change your terrain and sky/clouds without having to own a whole sim...that would be v cool. You can do a certain amount with mega prims, but its not the same...

Anyway.... in other news,......

Burning Life seems to be grinding slowly into first are the new dates, my previous info has been changed... these are the latest tentative times/dates....

Staffing— Volunteer positions open Sept 1 - 10

Theme Camp Application period Sept 4 - 14

LAND RUSH - Sept 14 - 21

Ranger Training - Sept 14 - Oct 15

Tech Rehearsal - Oct 15 - 16

Gate Opens - Noon SLT, Oct 17

Man Burns - Saturday, Oct 24 - Times TBA

Temple Burn - Sunday Oct 25 - Time TBA

Leave No Trace - November 1

So..... we will see... I, for one, will NOT be going for the land grab, an event so banal and mindnumbingly stupid that I have trouble believing that anyone who is not terminally insane could decide to continue such a ridiculous imitation of a RL event in SL.
If I can get group land, "theme camp", I will hope, as I said before, to gather some tree builders together for an alternative floral display that rocks!!!

It will still be as laggy as hell tho, I guess......and most of it will resemble an art ghetto, but I don't mind that too's just trying to find the good stuff thats a bore...

Still.... luckily there are bloggers recommendations .......



  1. alas, the beautiful and delicate storm cells are no more- they were ephemeral, just like the weather, but hopefully will lead to yet more awesome things! yay oberon!

  2. Ahhhh, hats off to you Mab for hosting suh a wonderful piece. This is true SL art, and I am a big fan.