Tuesday, 2 December 2008

My opinion, religion, politics, freedom and love.

Well, it seems like everyone wants my opinion.

Rezzable wants to know what I think about the future of Virtual Worlds.... OpenLife wants to know what screen size I think is best...... fairly sensible questions.... no doubt their plans are, to some extent, moulded by consumer feedback.

But LL keeps asking me whether I think SL is getting better or worse. THAT is stupid..... according to Mark Linden..."We measure everything imaginable, even love given daily using the Love Machine and we get continuous customer satisfaction data. If you’ve ever seen a Bloomberg terminal on a Wall Street trader’s desk, that’s what it’s like at Linden Lab. We measure everything and have real-time/near real time charts for anything you can imagine." so..... you must know, Boys, whether SL is getting better or worse, leave me alone.

The BBC can't finish any of its news items, on radio or TV without telling me to "email us at BBC and let us know your opinion" LOLOL....like....they care?? Please.... give me a break. Stupid.

There are, of course, plenty of people who have nothing better to do than clog up the internet with their half-baked opinions on what is happening in some distant part of the world where they have never been. I am not one....BUT .....hehhehehe .....nearer to home I have tons of opinions, and am very happy to clog up these pages with them.

Religion..... not a topic to touch on if you wanna make friends they say. Hmmm.... well, my opinion is that religion has been the justification for more murderous activity than any other. If you have God on your side you are permitted to do anything. It is basic form of schizophrenia, where the responsibility is foisted onto an invisible entity, like listening to walls, but more socially acceptable.

Politics..... well, we live in a fascist state (UK) with a Prime Minister (unelected by the public) who belongs to a party that pretended to be Socialist until they got into power. We have no citizenship, we are all "subjects". Democracy, as we know it, and seen recently in the USA is the ability of a candidate to buy enough press coverage (600M$) to convince the public that he is not a person with a power complex, but truly sincere, and able to fight your corner against the multi-nationals and their greed.
Democracy is not a term we use for people who vote for the wrong party, i.e. Hammas, or any party more right-wing than the press.

Freedom...... the right to enslave yourself to multi-nationals and their greed.

Love.... the transference of the autonomous Anima or Animus onto some unsuspecting by-stander, who becomes duly infected.

Well, that just about covers it...:)))

Anyone else wanna know my opinions??


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