Saturday, 13 December 2008

ColeMarie Soleil, a feast for tired eyes.

Well, in the interests of bringing you some stuff to read, I mixed with the cool people last night/this morning at a big fashion show on Deep Blue Devil the CXIII Lounge Club.

Lots of very dressed avis..... lots of grey people. (54)

And.... maybe more good stuff in the audience than on the (very long) catwalk. So.... 5 o'clock it started, and either it was 10 minutes early or 50 minutes late ...wayyyy past my bedtime, which ever way you look at it. Relatively.

ColeMarie Soleil was the first designer, a talented being, singer, photographer and Porganist extraordinaire, her clothes designs are so steeeeets ahead of the other stuff I saw (well, things were rezzing poorly, the later it got.....hence the dodgy photo).

I have worn her stuff a lot and some of you will recognise it.

ColeMarie now has a shop at soror Nishi beach, its underwater, and has her creations for sale, along with poses and particles.

The exact address is....... Lifstaen, (50,10,5,) or just find it off the beach. A bit of scuba diving......


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