Monday, 13 December 2010

Blog and a shot.

Whiskey Shots has, as last week, thrown out a challenge to Inworlders to write some tips for a new blogger on the art of blogging, (if indeed it is an art) and to publish your first Inworldz picture of yourself....

Well, I'm not exactly sure about blogging, it's not something I normally think about, so it's probably good to exercise the little grey cells...and see..

My first reaction is to say..."don't have a plan". I have no desire to be a journalist or to make 'something' of this blog, I blog because it's a way of clarifying what I think about stuff, or to share stuff, or to keep people up to date with what I've been doing. I blog because I like doing so. When I am feeling flat, I don't blog.

My Only Rule would be ...don't use your blog to hurt someone. I immediately stop following anyone who is spiteful or bitchy about someone else, and I would expect my readers to do the same. Although.... I feel no reason to pull any punches directed at LL, as this is the only outlet I have for my frustration. There is no democratic channel I can use to discuss stuff with LL, so this blog is my soapbox.

I try to blog different points of view....for example....if 'everyone' is saying Mesh/Philip/Cloud SL is the New Messiah, I will want to explore the opposite viewpoint because most things in life have two sides. Similarly if a famous artist has 5 different posts written on their work, I will look for a lesser know artist to blog about, unless one of my fav. artists has a big show which isn't being covered very well.

I never delete a post even tho I have been, in my first year, pressured into withdrawing a criticism, I stood firm. Far better to apologise for having made a mistake than self-censor (except in the case of My Only Rule). I am quick to judge and quick to apologise. I don't mind being wrong... I'm not writing the Bible.

My "boring little melodrama" like yours will attract its own followers and those that hate it...that's life.

I'm sitting here with a white wine spritzer, I have time, and I let the words out. Sometimes I spend a lot of time thinking about a post, and sometimes I don't. If every post is a 4 hour marathon, I'm not gonna manage 950 (nearly) posts.

I really like the blogging community, those that blog and those that comment. They are for the most part people who think, have opinions and are fairly eloquent. Quite a few people I have met thro blogging and have turned out to be good friends. It's like an extended IM.

Now, of course, after having blogged for a while I can easily look back to my first day in InWorldz....blogged

...and apart from full-blown noobness, my first picture is this : enjoy blogging, if you have a mind to, and write about stuff you like

it's easy... like chatting.



  1. Sage advice Soror, thanks for sharing with us new bloggers. :-)

  2. i think that pic is kewl. but that's just me.

  3. Thanks Soror, you blog is one of the few I've followed consistently for eons. It's like hearing you think, and I like that.

  4. Great post *hugs* I always enjoy them :)


  5. Great post and great pics =) I agree about who to follow or not. I do the same as you...

    And the blog community is very special as u say =)