Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Cost of Creation

I spent yesterday as a Fail Day.

It happens...working 8 hours plus with no particularly good outcome.. it all got composted. That is a part of an artist, or artisan's life, it's a part of any life.

There are, in fact, years where we manage to do little positive except keep ourselves alive for the future Spring when things start to bud again and the first blooms appear after a long hard winter of the soul.

These costs are hidden in the production of the final product which we have for sale and have to be absorbed by the creator as a part of the process.

So, as there is little or no difference in VW's between a great hairstyle and a fancy painting on a gallery wall as far as artistic content goes, and as there is more or less no hope of an artist in VW's signing a multi million pound record deal with Sony, everything we buy and sell is very cheap, insanely cheap for the effort that gets put into it.

Maybe a good thing to bear in mind next time we are out shopping... free stuff is not better than expensive stuff, often the opposite, and may be made by people who have the luxury of having ISP and hardware bills paid for by others, or by other means. Spending on stuff is good for the economy..... we know that from RL, and the same holds true for VWs.

Arabella and I were chatting about costs in Eshi Otawara's new shop on Inworldz (it's on Tribeca sim/region) and I think she will do a post about it.

My jacket is by Durga Designs at the Milan Centre...

These musings came to the fore again this morning speaking to Miso who is looking for a place to rent. We can go without food, clothes and life's little luxuries if we need to, to ensure a good supply of materials or hardware, but without a roof it's almost if you can help, give Miso a call.

...and I can't say how glad I am that Eshi has a shop now in IWz...

I hope other great creators will follow suit.


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  1. *hugs* give soror a call too, she needs a better place to work.