Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Art is often confined to the art gallery and a distinction is made between Fine Art, on the one hand, and Crafts on the other.

There are some more craft based products that do manage to make the leap from shop front to gallery, and obviously, some galleries that specialise in showing crafts or industrial design.

I have argued before in these pages that the distinction is far less in VWs as everything is made of prims (more or less) and that a good hairstyle is just as worthy of a place in a gallery as a traditional sculpture of, say, a horse.

So, things got turned a little upside down last night at the KyrArt Gallery where I went to have a look round with Aliz and Juanita, along with the gallery owner, GeeJAnn Blackadder.... the gallery can be

Juanita’s sharp eyes noted a sculpture on the top floor, and knowing my weakness for unusual hairstyles she drew my attention to it. It was called Afrodita and, like all the work showing was a piece by the fairly new artist Kyra Roxan.

I bought it and, when I saw it was no mod. I thought maybe I would talk to the artist about turning it into a hairstyle. The gallery owner was very quick to help me out...and pictured below is the result of my fiddling slightly with the scale etc. to provide myself with a striking new ‘do’ and liberate Afrodita from the gallery.

I hope I have done justice to the artist's original intentions. The prims are all colour change scripted so change constantly.

Skin (Blueberry for Maeve), eyes (blackstripe), clothes(C21 jacket and shirt, with Wizzy Skirt) by me, shoes by Dirty Lynx, and hair sculpture with collar by Kyra Roxan.


Now, it's no wonder I don't follow many fashionista blogs, so few of them explore what could be possible and tend to stick with the RL norm. Alpha's posts on NPIRL were a notable exception as is 100 Billion Needles.

When so much more is possible in VWs than in RL, I am always surprised how little revolutionary Architecture and Fashion is actually produced.

Luckily there are a few notable exceptions...

Keep funky!!



  1. total kewlness in the hair department!

  2. i would add a tad bit of flexi to it...

  3. I love it!! I dont follow any fashion blogs either, well yes one. Laikas;

    I want to learn to do my own skin!!! To little time.... but one day...

  4. hey that fairly new artist has been a staple at UWA the past 6 months!

  5. Yep, Jayjay, that's fairly new...:))) ...and that's what is great about UWA too.

  6. Kranfel, great blog for men that one, so few cover men's stuff... excellent.

  7. Very cool! I simply adore new and unusual hairstyles!