Friday, 5 November 2010

Craft World

As the Omniverse develops we will, of course, see more and more Boutique Grids arising, catering to specific groups of people with one or another feature distinguishing them from the larger grids.

In a continuing Grid Hopper Mode, and tipped off by Wizzy, I popped over to check out Craft World. Opening up Imprudence I just typed Craft Grid and into the login URL...and hey presto..

This is the tp station for the freebie areas and, like everything on this largely Italian speaking grid, it is well made, textured and thought out.

The freebie areas are set away from the main arrival point and, partly due to this and the fact that it has just started up and has few users, my fps shot up over 60.

Over 30 different free hair styles and as many shoes (I found a pair I love) with a male section that is not badly stocked either. I thought this was maybe the most chic freebie area I had seen.

It's all very well laid out, classy and sophisticated, not a trace of that dodgy Open Sim Look..

So...I popped over to check out the Museo del Metaverso... and found some of the best landscaping I have seen for a long time.

The museum is no pokey little's huge and clearly going to be a major contribution to the metaverse. I can see this as a common hypergrid destination once it all starts to fill up with the best of what the other grids have to offer.

I found I already had two friends there, Roxelo and Luce, and Wizzy has registered. Tao Quan greeted me when I arrived and was very welcoming. I saw Artee's sculpture as well as I flitted around.

Now, tho there are only 60 regions and 120 users at the moment, this is a grid that will grow, quickly, I think. Quality is obviously something they care about and I didn't see anything nasty, which, as I am such a visual perfectionist, impressed me a lot. The stylish builds and freebies will appeal to all those that love Italian type style and good design.

One to watch, for sure.



  1. It looks fab! I must start grid hopping... but time....where can I find time? =/

    Ty a lot! U do the exploring for me, thats a solution =)

  2. Yep, the Grid Kagaroo, that's me...:)) until I get bored of it all that is...

  3. Thanks for the pic's and the update soror, I will have to make it the next stop on my virtual tour.

  4. Yep, Nazz, worth a trip, Nur was there today and registered.

  5. Thanks Soror for these good words :)
    Nazz, i wait you also to MdM on Craft.
    I wrote a post fot thank you:

  6. I linked this blog in the links page of MdM web site:

  7. Excellent, Roxelo, I agree that the hypergrid will change out lives completely.... suddenly we are mobile. Wonderful.

  8. Most go look a day :) ty for your blog soror