Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Teen Question.

Well, as I blogged in August, the Teens, and their parents along with them are being trodden on as another minority gets to feel LL’s dictatorial Rules.

Much has been written about this change and I cannot add to the anger and anxiety that has already been expressed without repeating stuff that has been said better by many, many others....here.

From my own perspective I would still class Facebook as being massively more dangerous (potentially) than SL could ever be, and walking down the street in London as being massively more dangerous than Facebook.

This is not in any way to condone the move by LL, just my attempt to get a perspective on the situation.

Most people have assumed that this is a piece of pure stupidity by LL and that they are all idiots. This may be true.

If, as a mental exercise we assume, however, that LL is a successful bunch of money hungry entrepreneurs who know exactly what they are doing.... why have they done this? The cutting of overheads by disbanding an existing grid which isn’t that profitable doesn’t really save them that much money, I would guess, especially as these teens are potential customers they are alienating, possibly for ever.

I fear that adults could be hurt by this move as much as teens. I know that sounds weird, but, let’s consider the dangers..

1) A 16/17 year old gets exposed to more sex than is generally ‘good’ for them, whatever that means. Now, assuming, rightly or wrongly, that every child who has a computer has been given that Parental Talk about the Dangers of the Internet, then any bad experience should be confined to their computer screen, rather than their RL....and there can't be many teens who haven't had an inappropriate email attachment sent by one of their peers..

2) An adult could mistakenly get involved with an under age child. (Let’s assume that every child of 16/17 is far more computer savvy than their parents). This comes into the public realm and the Media get hold of this story. My god the Media would love it. ...not so the person’s family, boss, etc...(this fear is voiced often enough in the comments on SL blog to be classed as a major concern).

Would either of these events give LL an option of pressuring people to reveal their real names?

I think so.

Protecting Children is the number one moral lever, (even better than National Security which they tried to use against Wikileaks) and an argument no-one will counter.

Those holding on to their anonymity could be painted as potential paedophiles, “it would be safer for you to reveal your name than protect your anonymity”.

Real Names is where the money lies for LL. Advertising, and only advertising, is why LL want 100 million users....and it wants the data they have to connect up to your Facebook profile, Amazon account, and of course, your Credit Card. That is where the Lab will get rich, by closing the circle.

Is this another nail in the coffin for Anonymity?

I have mentioned this before and only time will tell if I am right or simply a paranoid, deluded, conspiracy theorist.

In the mean time, I will continue to behave well to everyone I meet, as will all my friends.... and trust that 99.9% of teenagers are world-wise enough to steer their way through a grown up world.

My experience of teens is that they are wiser than we tend to give them credit for..



  1. Yes Soror you are brilliant. With all my concern and close following of such issues that regard net freedom, I didn't consider this, but when I read this post a bell went "bong!"

    Any readers who wish to know about how to remain anonymous on the net, learn and keep up with this important issue (which will keep evolving, cat-and-mouse style) are free to email me for the documents I prepared for my State of Mind installation: TOR, darknets, routing, proxies and etc.

    btw, soror, thx for mentioning Wikileaks. This story is growing to the proportions of the Daniel Ellsberg/Washington Post/Watergate story and is a very exciting thing in our time! After the smear job and disinformation swerve the Pentagon has made of the release of The Iraq War Diaries and Julian Assange's reputation in order to defocus what Wikileaks actually delivered, it's heartwarming to see Wikileaks reply back finally with these diplomatic cable leaks. Yeehaw for freedom of information!

  2. I dont believe in real names on internet. I am sure there will come a time when people just shake their heads just at the thought of it.... I just say George Orwell....

    And Im seriously thinking about destroying my RL FB account. Im googling my name and mobile nr continously and removing all data I can find of my rl presence on the internet. I think thats a wise move... What do u think?

    I dont wanna run around Times Square irl with a sign over my head with my rl name and telephone nr. Do u? No that would be insanely stupid wouldnt it? So why out yourself on the internet? U never know who is lurking there....

  3. @ Miso, yes, Wikileaks is currently under a huge cyber attack, but the information is out there now, and just how utterly horrible and morally corrupt our world leaders are, is manifest for all to see.

    @ Kranfel, I agree I do NOT believe privacy is a thing of the past. I think everyone should use the internet as an Avatar, tho I doubt that it will stop the rot.

  4. Ah! NOW it begins to make sense...we can see The Benevolent Monarchy wants SL as a web accessed app... but I never connected those dots....sounds like one possibilty doesnt it

  5. I'm Adult verified, LL has my payment info. They have my RL name or can easily get it if I started to fiddle with Bunnehs. I'm not going to put my RL name over my avatars head, period.