Saturday, 20 November 2010

Unreasonable Resident

Well, it’s been a full and interesting week in the Metaverse.

First, Display Names... something I wrote and ranted about back in August ( a , b, c.) have been realised and those who don’t read blogs have finally woken up to the nightmare... well, nightmare may be a bit strong as some think it’s wonderful, but then, there are always some people who think things are wonderful because they are of a sunny mindset... good for them. ...finding out who ???????? is, is gonna be fun...maybe I should register that as a name.

For those of us who realise that our names, which we were assured would be unique, can be hi-jacked, warped and bastardised, the prospect is not so great. The simple minded idea that this will increase sign-ups is... well, I am almost lost for words.... suffice it to say that sign-ups are not the problem, and never have been. Retention is the issue, and making all new comers “Resident” is just crap. I would hate having that as a surname.

Loads of existing users are signing up to make sure their name...i.e. sororNishi Resident is booked for an alt account. Personally, I tried too, but the sign-up page decided my email address wasn’t good enough, tho I tried with 3 different email accounts.... go figure...

Anyway....I tried for quite a long time, both sororNishi and sorornishi were taken as names (hopefully by me?? or a griefer...)... I tried Nomadic Resident, Incoherent...and many others before finding one that hasn't been taken. So....pictured above my new alt...her name is Unreasonable Resident. I wouldn't spend too much time talking to her, she won't be online much....

...soo...hundreds of oldbies signing up... that’s a bit dim, not of them, they are trying to protect what they understood as a unique feature of their identity online, it’s dim of LL to make this necessary.... but, it’s all about money. The Facebookisation of SL necessitates that the avatar name can be linked to the FB name and the credit card name before the money for advertising can start rolling in and LL can finally give up this complicated business of running a grid and settle down to creaming the % points off Marketplace and advertising.

Phaylen even suggests that the Lindex may be farmed out as it’s a pain in the butt for LL to manage...

I got a nice email this week suggesting that I might like to try the Boys new advertising scheme...

"Be one of the Adportal Beta Testers!

Dear soror Nishi,
You have been invited to participate in a beta test of! This self service advertising system allows the purchase of targeted display ads on Linden Lab web properties such as the Marketplace and Auctions. Our goal is for it to provide more cost-effective options for Residents wishing to advertise products and services.
Among other things allows:

• Banner ads are per default displayed evenly over the time period you select

• Ads targeted to specific Marketplace product categories

• Ads targeted to viewers of Adult products on the Marketplace (coming soon)

During the initial phase of the beta, participants will benefit from heavily discounted prices on all ad bundles. Please send us all of your feedback, requests or suggestions to

Go to to create your account now! Check out Torley’s video tutorial on this wiki page and get started using them today!

Kindest Regards,
The Second Life Advertising Team"

NB the Self Service Advertising Scheme....that’s par for the course.... I guess they are planning ahead for the day when we run everything and they retire.
I have always claimed that all the new features are about Advertising income.. but banner ads??....pleeeaaase.

In other news the Boys are looking for a new Artistic Director, hopefully to manage the interface between SL and the Public, providing better vids to attract newbies....tho again I would suggest that retention is the problem not the sign-ups..

I have it on good authority that, despite my personal belief, the Artists Endowment for the Lindens is not dead. Some news may be forthcoming this week... well, it is about time, tho I am reassured that work has been ongoing in the development of the ideas and framework...we will see.

Lots, well, a few, people are thoroughly enjoying Viewer 2 as it is almost usable now, 7 or 8 months after it was first introduced...well, I’m very happy for them. They can now do their Facebook stuff of a prim in SL, the added lag must be a joy. Apparently 2.3 is slower than 2.1... this from LokiBoy...

Scripts have been driving me nuts, well, they always do... I am not precise enough and spend a good hour looking for some darned sound script where I had written “Sleigh” instead of “sleigh” as the sound name... sooo picky..
Talking with Maeve I had the idea that a new bit of code should be invented for slack people, like me to, insert in their script...


Great Idea...??... just spend your hard earned leisure time filling in a Jerka (great name Miso)....and the Boys will ignore usual.

...and to end on a cultural note/press release.......

Subject: Zeitgeist Saturday Schedule
Happening Saturday November 20 and Sunday November 21, 2010 simultaneously at Odyssey in Second Life
and live at the MuroGallery – Genève, Switzerland:

by Nora Furlough

Performance schedule for

9 Am SLT - 'On Recognition of Antonin' - by pixel Reanimator

10 AM SLT – "Don't Feed the Poor" by Sca Shilova

11 AM SLT – Performance by Man Michinaga

12 Noon SLT - "Homology" (2010) by Selavy Oh and Qiezli Hixantapo

1 PM SL – Performance by nnoiz Papp

2 PM SLT – Performance by lizsolo Mathilde and Fau Ferdinand

3 PM SLT - "Fundamental Environmental Roadshow" by SaveMe Oh

I don’t have a SLurl...but I’m sure any one of the participants will be happy to send a taxi.

Have a GREAT weekend...



  1. ROFL Unreasonable Resident looks like me. ;)
    I'm so glad to be missing all the fun of dealing with the fracas. I'm in InWorldz.
    p.s. Couldn't "buy" your tree ornament at Equinox, is it set to sell?

  2. Love that happy music on the video ;)

  3. :))
    Whiskey the snowman is for sale at Jeri's christmas fair... I just scaled it down

  4. NurJohannaOphuls and NurTheaOphuls are out making the world a better place - roflmao.

    Nur - Kitty

  5. well, as I have just gotten paperwork back allowing me to use the name Miso Susanowa as a RL tax and banking alias, the DisplayNames Idiocy may be just the ticket to riches I've been waiting for - seeing as how the SLab is aaallllllll so concerned about about identity theft and protection of branding.

    love 'Unreasonable'. Maybe I should try for Fake Resident? Griefer Resident? Identitytheft Resident? Imsolameicantevenpickalastname Resident? The possibilities for fun are endless...

  6. MarieWonka Resident is born, though I'll likely never use her...

    When the hell did they make this change?

  7. I will not make any alt account in SL. Feel free to enjoy my names as u wish everybody hahaaa. (i understand the problems for creators though) well LL may want to increase registrations? Maybee thats the case? ;)

  8. I heard about this Resident thing on Sunday or Monday night. It's another of LL's bad ideas.

    Any news about getting rid of flexi stuff and all the other good stuff LL wants to annihilate to reduce lag?

  9. lenoirre....I only know that it has been said that mesh will never be flexi because of the lag....