Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A Grid for Creators.

Glyph was at Alchemy (InWorldz) last night with Mouser and I, apparently he has space at Jeri's along with Bryn, Miso, Artee, Scotti ....etc etc and along with Mouser, Nazz, Aliz, Wizzy, Juanita, Eshi, etc etc... my friends list is looking like a Who's Who of SL talent...along with the new people I have met there.... (e.g. more elves and tinies than you can shake a stick at.... not that sticks get shaken, in my experience with Tinies it's butts that get shaken as they paarrttaayy).

Now there has been quite a lot written this last week about Inworldz, but much of it is rather grudgingly positive.

It seems there are many who are under the misapprehension that IWz could never surpass SL in terms of traffic, business, size etc...

I use the word misapprehension because there is a tipping point. The tipping point comes when the trickle, or leak of talent into IWz becomes a flood.

Now, to emphasis my point, just look at what happened to Display Names.. in a couple of days 58000 people signed up for a Dodgy Resident name, as documented via Tateru... here...(many thanks for that list, Tateru).... that is how fast it can go. Obviously it is in no-ones interest that 58000 people sign up for IWz in a couple of days, but....people can act fast when they need to, or feel it is in their interest to.

As LL positions itself more and more to provide a juvenile game audience with a place to spend their virtual bucks the emphasis swings from what traditionally was a grid orientated towards the creator towards a grid that is pro consumer.

The idea that this swing is going to benefit us all is a delusional one. This consumerism is going to be actively directed towards bunnies and other produce from large creators and companies as shown by the weighting of Search towards sim owners. Mesh will also have a similar tendency, large producers will be at an advantage. Those with a large advertising budget will clean up.

As it dawns on builders and creators that they are being nudged towards the back of the queue, a grid that actively encourages and promotes creativity, one run by builders for builders, is going to look very attractive.

...and this is the basic, but vital difference between SL and IWz. It is not stability, not traffic, it might not even be the price of a prim (tho at 13 times more expensive, SL will find that more and more difficult to justify)... the main point is that creators want to be left alone to do great builds.

Builders want good tools, i.e. a good viewer, scalable prims, large linksets...etc

Builders want their name protected.

They like to be listened to...

..and lots of prims.

So, while I understand the “wise” shaking their heads and saying...”well, it’ll never be as good as SL”... I think....let’s talk about this in 3 years time and we will see.

LL could sink SL without a trace, like a virtual Titanic, and InWorldz could become the creative core of the Metaverse.

It depends on who nurtures who.



  1. Excellent post, soror... and it sort-of complements my latest.

    "...juvenile game audience with a place to spend their virtual bucks..." -- that's SL 2.0 in a nutshell.

  2. Agree, great post. The grids are focusing on different aspects. So both may survive, but in totally separate niches.

    I am truly puzzeled why people want to spend bucks on land in SL when there is cheaper alternatives with more prims in other grids. why on earth??? U can still socialize in SL if u want, but build and live in inWorldz or another openSIm grid...

    Slowly people are going to realize this I suspect... just give them time =)

  3. I have just started in InWorldz and like what I am seeing and the people I am talking to and have rented a shop/apartment for much less than I would in SL. BUT I am having problems with rezzing and terrible l-a-a-a-g. If the network could be sorted, then I think InWorldz would be a winner.

  4. Great post! Definitely not convinced SL is the best we can come up with. I love it, don't get wrong. We're just not traveling in the same direction anymore. Out of 58,000 new sign ups, 57,900 of those were old accounts/new names? Mesh could be great and all, but no work on inworld build tools in how long? Qarl came up with a prim alignment patch in what? Few hours? I know everyone has their own pet projects they'd like to see done. Some people are very happy about display names. But just like a few other things the last couple of years, its just not that important to ME.

  5. Sorry to hear Merry! I dont have any problems rezzing at my place and no lag. Try to rezz on another sim and see if its your sim that has some problems. Or try another client maybee? Clear cache? Lower your arc? I hope it will work out!

    (Sorry I cant stop mentoring! =O )

  6. @ Lalo... yes I loved your recent post.

    @ Kranfel ... yes, given time people will realise. ... and yes, to the niche grids... the more variety the better for all.

    @ Merry...I get over 50 fps when building in IWz so its not the grid....certainly the arrival area can lag a bit.... InWorldz has a new viewer which might help...or....as Kranfel says....

    @ Johnny ... I think it was 3 years ago we got sculpties in SL... after that...nothing. It took an Imprudence Viewer to use Torley Lindens Windlight settings... go figure!! ...I agree with what you say about the Display Names, I was happy with mine...before.

  7. Dear all, I am now eating my words. Went on this evening and had no problems. Nom nom nom

    It feels like SL from a couple of years ago, but then I liked SL a couple of years ago, so no complaints.

    Just need to quietly slink over from SecondLife without anyone noticing :-)

  8. @ Merry....coool....look forward to meeting you IWz...anything you need...just ask.