Friday, 26 November 2010

Mixed Bag of Bloggery

Maeve will be hosting a show of a dozen or so of my RL paintings next week... maybe some photo/images too......I'll post details once we have them organised..

This is a painting I sold a while back and which got used for a logo design for a psychology blog....

...and this is my take on The Axiom of Maria.... I still have a couple of prints on Giclee paper of both of these...

The big InWorldz news this week was a beta grid testing which quite a few of us participated in... yes, this is the start...

...but I soon got myself sorted. Apparently it was very successful, 27 people and no lag it seems...Wayfinder said on the forum.."Overall, I agree with tech that the BETA was a success. Not only did you manage to get more than 10 people on a sim without the sim crashing... but you also found a server-side memory leak that's been plaguing Linden Lab for YEARS (LOL, Tranq found in ONE DAY what LL clowns couldn't find for YEARS. LL is so sad."

They were testing a new IWz viewer too which is a "Imprudence 1.4 rebuilt from the ground up..." and offers http textures, cut and paste, etc etc..

...this compares with the not so positive OSGrid just reminds me of how important economy, leadership and getting paid for your work actually is. It is difficult enough to run a grid without doing it all on voluntary labour.. which links well to a post by Ener Hax on getting paid adequately for your work (i.e. not peanuts...) same questions about what is appropriate could certainly be asked about SL of course, .... a topic I touch on occasionally.

In other news...Miso (pictured here with the new micro Wizzy (Wizard Gynoid in disguise) was offered a load of virtual homes after my last blog, tho, I should have made clear it was RL that was the problem.... anyway she has found herself somewhere nice we are glad for that.

She taxi'd me off to a secret location where she is preparing a new show it seems...lots of funky visuals...

Jayjay is also in the news... he is talking at an RL conference.... details here..... its an UNESCO INST gig in front of a million people... wow..

Aliz is opening her new shop tomorrow, so that will be worth a look.... Chez Ali... cool. Aliz must be one of the most talented texture artists on the grid so it will be interesting to see what goodies she has for sale... details here.

I got interviewed by Flora Nordenskiold, owner of the Nordan Gallery where we had an opening last week... you can read it here.

I'm currently rebuilding my show at UWA as it had to get moved to accommodate a big build.... still within spitting distance of where it used to be...

...and I have nearly finished a larger build on IWz at Tesseract, if you want to have a look...its a bit Tree of Trees inspired....well, it seemed to fit the space..

Battlestar Gallactica (SL) got axed...not really big news... as Tateru's to be expected. You can't demand IP rights and not afford them to others after all.

Otherwise... I've been wondering what all the interest in Minecraft has been about is pure crap. I guess people who like StupidVille will enjoy it.... the future looks weird... like stupid is the new cool??

Sorry, maybe I'm a snob, but my interest in stupid crap last about 2 seconds, I'm not 8 years old..... and there lies my beef with LL... make it simple and I bore easy...

1 million extra viewers spending 2 minutes inworld is not gonna improve anyones economy.... well...maybe the combined ISP's revenue might increase marginally...

Have a great weekend...

I'm off to watch some TV tennis...



  1. Heh Heh... "like stupid is the new cool??"

    But it's *FastEasyFun* =^..^=

    Yup, so many of those that created SL understand that SL as it stands will never be I guess LL will *FastEasyFun* it 'til they milk it dry and unplug?

  2. long live being a snob and i almost peed myself when i read "StupidVille"! =)