Thursday, 4 November 2010


I am a very content at the moment, and I put it down to a feeling of stability that I have.

Grid stability is not something that really effects me, I started in SL years ago when the grid was down at times and everything got so frazzled before the release of a new viewer that everyone knew it was coming. Friend's openings and parties were often abandoned because we couldn't get online. It didn't worry us that much.

We didn't know how long SL would last in those days, I was advised against buying land because SL could disappear overnight.. it didn't. It did let land prices fall through the floor tho, a major mistake in my opinion, but it stayed the course and is still struggling along.

So, the stability that has brought me some contentment over the last few months is more a stability that comes from the feeling that my future is secure. That may not be in SL but I have found I don't really care. The future is : I will always be able to find a grid that I can create on and, very importantly, the community of people I know online will be around for many years to come.

The recent offering of a 10$ sim is a natural progression, Maria writes very thoroughly (as usual) about it .. here. This is not a freak occurrence but an expected development of virtual worlds entrepreneurialism. It basically means that I can rest assured that whatever my personal financial situation, I will find a home.

This, then, has a knock-on effect for LL. They are no longer the only game in town... and with the current level of ill-will they have generated, they are no longer perceived as the best game in town, either.

Mesh is gonna bring chaos for a while, and the advantages will be preceded by viewer problems and crashes until it all settles down. In this period we will see another surge in people trying out some of these new grids and I hope to have friends established in different parts of the Omniverse as the new year progresses.

The hypergrid will make grid hopping a little easier ... I expect to go visiting more often. Those that are worried about having their creations stolen will have to grow up, or stay at home... they can copy your stuff, but not your relax.

More and more people are generally coming to the realisation, too, that Virtual is as real as Real, (another good post by Botgirl) which I find very pleasing, I do believe in a sort of autonomy for Avatars, tho I realise we are just at the beginning of very long path.

I am hopeful that this shared experience, this Culture, will mature and I am excited about that.

.... all is fine in the Omniverse.



  1. I feel exactly the same. The future is bright and exciting! And I love Botgirls post 2 :)

  2. YAY.. ya got it. :)

    favorite quote from this post
    "Those that are worried about having their creations stolen will have to grow up, or stay at home... they can copy your stuff, but not your relax"


  3. Exactly. Nothing prevents any musician from "copying" note-for-note solos by Jimi Hendrix; there's umpteen zillion guides and walkthroughs online that will exhaustively chart them for you.

    Unfortunately, you may know the notes and the finger positions, but you ain't Jimi, as many musicians have discovered :D

  4. Kranfel...:))))

    Zola... I wonder if its only people who are worried that they have already done their best piece...... my best piece is my next one...:))

    Miso....also...not enough have discovered...:)))

  5. They can copy your content...but not your talent!
    Now that's a wonderful concept.
    What a thought =^..^=