Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My Virtual Future..

Now, it's a good thing to have a bit of competition, up to a point...
..the point where it starts to falter as "a good thing' is where one grid cannot enjoy the success of another.

I have no particular people in mind, I am simply speaking generally, having seen some friction and some plain bad feeling over the last few months I thought it would be well to realise that the success of Virtual Worlds is no longer dependent on one grid, but one grid's success is good for the others...we are in this stew together...

As I have said in my previous grid-hopping posts, niche or Boutique grids are growing up and a wide variety of service providers too giving us a huge range of possibilities compared to a couple of years ago. This gives us each the possibility of asking "what do I want from my Virtual Future?"

I have now the ability to design how I would like to interact with the rest of the Metaverse, as do you.... and the walls, eventually will come down, as Meadhbh tried to give voice to here..

It's a bit of a revolution for me even to be thinking this way, but it is how things will be.... other stuff.......

The Copper Beech has, by popular demand, landed in InWorldz....

...and high above Rainbow Country I have just started on a chill-out area for folk to hang out if they so choose...eventually..

UWA... my little forest there (SL) is undergoing a rebuild..... and I'm doing a little something at Nordans Gallery..(SL)...details to follow...

The big news this week has been the Web browser thingy...see previous post.... and more than a few people are a bit annoyed at being invited to the party and refused permission at the door...

Viewer ???? has caused a few comments, seems like Display Names and friends are all Jokers.

In the old days while your friends list was loading it used to say Hippo, which was cute, I missed it when it went.

In totally unrelated news Reaction Grid has a new Director....."ReactionGrid Inc. welcomes aboard Dave Schwartz creator of as Director of Cultural Development" seems like they are gonna be taking the Arts more seriously alongside Education. It'll be interesting to see how this new push (Pathfinder as Community Development Director announced last week) is gonna maybe shape RG into something more.... hmm... formed (not sure thats the right word).

I guess I really don't have an emotion I relate to Reaction yet, and that's what I'm looking for.

Guess I need to visit more.

Guess I need more lives...



  1. As I've said before, this grid snobbery will only pull the community apart and destroy any hope of progress.

  2. @ Miso...I'm wondering. No matter how much ppl yell.. we always end up going forward (eventually!)
    The United States is still learning our lesson from our years as a slave owner country...slowly.

    Our latest fiasco is our intolerance of anything other than "one woman/one man"...we will eventually outgrow that as well.

    I believe the day will come when we travel from world to world as easily as we travel from city to city today. I do understand that at 68 I may not see that in this incarnation...but it will happen.

  3. @Brinda - my comment was from the perspective of watching this same dogfight 15 years ago; that's 15 years lost progress.

    It's also from the perspective of your last paragraph... I expected, by now, to be a waitress in a sleazy bar on the Moon, slinging reconstituted hash and watered-down drinks to cocky space jocks while I looked out the window across the Aitken basin and daydreamed of some scruffy rogue who'd lure me away to the Oort cloud on some wild scheme to harvest ice from comets.

    Seriously, we have had the technology to do this for 50 years! We also had cellphone technology and videophone technology for almost that long. We have some of the lowest bandwidth and connection speeds online compared to other countries and are falling behind in almost all technical and mechanical fields, as well as mathematics...

    I dream also, but thinking I am waiting for technology is not correct; the technology is there. I am waiting for a community to organize itself and to demand progress in these areas.

    We are being held back by commercial and political interests, which keep us distracted and divided and force us to settle for being spoonfed whatever the Corps-That-Be deign to market to us.

    ps - by this time, at your age, you should be taking advantage of the metabolizers and body supplements available to you right now to extend your lifetime until more progress in these areas is made. Not sure what drugs/substances/supplements I am talking about? My point is made.

  4. Hehe Soror- It seems your blog is the newsletter for seniors in virtual worlds, which is why I too read it.
    I don't know anything about the dogfight (it all washes over you after a while) but I've commented on alternative grids from a abusiness owners' perspective on my blog.
    I love the scaleable prims InWorlz - that alone is enough to make me want to wander there.

  5. Soror, what can I say, I'm a fan of your blog. Whether you know it or not you introduced me to inWorldz and now the Nur Ophuls brand is extending itself along the Orion arm and slowly investigating the Perseus and Saggitarious arms of this our VR galaxy.

    Thank you and kisses - Nur Kitty

  6. Jeez, too much praise for one day...:)) thanks a lot... I'll carry on writing then..