Thursday, 11 November 2010


ScienceSim is another of those Boutique Grids which I mentioned in talking about Craft World. A possibility of offering space to a niche or specialised market where specific goals are placed to the fore of pure entertainment and tomfoolery. ..:))

Not that is the intention of those involved that it should be boring, more a place devoted to research and education, a side benefit being that it may be easier to justify to sponsors and funding bodies that this is 'serious research' etc.

As a good proportion of users may be noobs there are complete instructions given to new arrivals a bit in the way that Gaia, a French 'entry point' in SL used to have (it may well still be there, I haven't checked).

This method of written explanations is probably a good idea, as some, not all, do like to read instructions.

Now, there has been a contribution of 800 items (which they call "body of rich content we’re providing"...hmmm...800 items enough to be called a body??) by the Fashion Research Institute of 6 avatars, some accessories and landscaping items... press release but if Third World Syndrome is something you suffer with, this will not help much.

Intel is the backer of this OpenSim based project which also has a land grant project for non commercial ventures.... and it will be interesting to see how it develops. They are not Hypergrid enabled for security reasons.

OpenSim is an interesting beast... I was reading someone's explanation of how TPV developers worked together the other day , basically saying, well, you have to let them get on with what they want to develop as they are all working for free.......this can result in a situation where no-one wants to do the boring jobs, like cleaning the toilets..... and Tateru posted an interesting take on LL all reminding me of those years I spent in an office with the petty back-biting and sandpapering of egos...

It seems that the old divide of OpenSource and Commercial doesn't necessarily make a lot of difference when it comes to Office Wars as recently seen with Emeraldgate, on the one hand (free labour) and 2Crap2Use Viewer being the result of commercial sub-contracting. Now, with LL continuing to try to screw the TPV opposition, and it's dropping 1.23 on the SL downloads page, all the TPV devs will be coming under pressure to make the new viewers 2.XX compatible....we will see how well they can pull together over the next 3 to 6 months, (estimated), and, the same with LL....

I am repeatedly told how wonderful mesh is going to be, it better be, because the price that will be paid is the bugs and frustration that occurs when a new product is rushed to the market place (Marketplace might be an example) before the code is clean enough to take it.

I have always asked for new tools, and been ready to learn new stuff, but when people tell me they are "euphoric" about mesh... well, I guess I'm old enough to wait and see.... tho... Display Names is not a great commendation of the Lab's ability to implement new tools.

Have a great week...



  1. I am so fascinated about openSim... ty for exploring =)

    Mesh.... maybee. I dont know enough about it so i guess i should keep my mouth shut (but i never do, do i? ;). I heard there is no flexi in mesh. So mesh hair and clothes would be boring. I love flexi! =/

  2. Oh, great, Science Sim. Now we'll never see Wizzy :(

    "euphoric about mesh" reminds me of those Herbal Essence Shampoo commercials where the woman is having an orgasm in the shower as she washes her hair :D

  3. @Miso... :))).... or one of those rhetorical questions from people trying to sell you a dodgy health product "Euphoric about mesh??"....well try Pina Collada...

  4. actually i went to science sim for the first time day before yester. i was interested that Fashion Research is there... and wondering what that has to do with Science. this paranoia about hypergrid security is a bit annoying to me. it's like saying, "if god had meant us to fly he would have made us with wings."