Monday, 8 November 2010

Weekend Round Up..

Петро́вский флюс (a Petrovsky flux) from Toxic Menges on Vimeo.

The Flux has gotta be one of the most popular builds this weekend, and this video by Toxic Menges does it proud.. well worth a trip... here.

...and on the subject of machinima, tho maybe not the same class of build, my Tree of Trees at IBM has been extensively videoed by JADENE India....

...she has uploaded 8 machinima of the build to YouTube.

The build will come down on the 13th (that's Saturday night for those that need to see it) after having been featured in an RL conference called "Images Moving Across the Arts and Disciplines" at the 12th Laterna Film Academy – December 9 -13 - 2010 Pécs Hungary, subtitled "operations of the virtual within the Medium of Second Life" by Pixel Reanimator..


This is my latest tree which is just finished in InWorldz, I'm calling it Medusa's Redemption which is a tad classically pretentious, but hey,

Popped over to UWA to see some of the entries and ended up talking to stones..(only in VWs !!!)... and they didn't exactly hold a conversation, but reacted and gave me a bit of amusement. I must be mental. It's by Wolk Writer.

Lea Supermarine and Jarapanda Snook have built this great organ thingy with classic fairground tunes...

I managed to catch Selavy and Arahan as they took part in Changing Room, a mixed reality project devised by Michael Takeo Magruder...details here....the general idea being that a series of artists are given 128 prims in a room to do with as they please... and the results are documented... machinima and photos..

Chairs flying round the room and videos, looked like a late night brawl night at a minimalist film club...:)) v cool..

In other news.... well, Kirsten closed Megaprims SL, but got so many emails and IM's that she reopened it... seems like she's being harassed by Devs from Phoenix... and...Imprudence say that they are going to incorporate the best of Viewer 2.2 UI in their next release.. (I didn't know there were any good features worth incorporating)...

LinseySL has had to close her shop as the Display Names is a nightmare with people impersonating her...tweeted.."Who was the retard at LL that deciced that Allowing people to Impersonate others was a good idea? Fire their fucking ass.".... but many have ???? as friends it seems....with ???? as display name too.

...and there have been comments about 2.2, both bad and good. Seems like, as Wizzy found out, changing between the two loses some of your current outfit...

Music listings are messed up ...if you are hosting an event on a Mature or Adult sim it won't get listed for the casual user, unless they know to check the Mature thingy on search. I guess LL wants to make sure no-one hears the word Arse in case they think it's a song about Arse Linden.... good to protect the innocent, bad language is so fucking corrupting.... and nipples, as we know, are plain dangerous.

On a bright note...two things... OpenSim for Mac on a's been a struggle to get a local sim, one which I have failed.... help is needed..

and....Thirza Ember reports a visit to Oberon in his cellar... sounds interesting...well, Oberon managed to punch a hole in his firewall big enough for visitors, in this case Thirza. This is probably how it will all work in the future...its free!! rain washes work away, I get another day online.. winter has its advantages...



  1. Spiral Silverstar8 November 2010 at 03:35

    /me Hope your new tree might be available in Sl too? Huh? Huh? Pleeeeze?

  2. Spiral, it will no doubt self-seed in foreign lands...:))

  3. yesh it is true. i lost everything that i was wearing when i tried 2.2 for the first time. it borked the objects in my current outfit folder. they are either totally gone or it says "Broken Link" next to the object. the only thing that survived was the skin i was wearing. i'm lucky to have gotten out of that with my skin. immediately i created a Support ticket. that was Case# 00927978 (Oct. 10, 2010) it has now been almost a month and not a single response from Secondlife Support.

  4. hmmm... I guess that relates to my going to IW to build yesterday, as the items I wanted to keep working with wouldn't rez at my place, at someone else's place, anywhere. Nor would notecards I'd received 2 days ago and viewed.

    Well, I guess they fixed it, because today I could rez... except that only two people on my Friends List showed online, and half the rest had been unchecked to not show me online to them.

    Great stuff. I got a question, after perusing the Grid Status reports: how come it is an annual event to have the ASS-et server crash and mangle/lose inventory?

    I will have to submit this as a question to the JERKA and bring it to the attention of Arse Linden. Or perhaps Cheeky Linden.

  5. i love the talking stones!!!! =)