Saturday, 28 March 2009


Well.. this tree has been a problem to plant, poor thing. It started life at Scotsgreymousers sandbox, visited a couple of sims at Caerleon before finally taking root on my beach.

Its my 75th Ancient One and, not for the small back garden, its 180 prims approx... so its by order only...too big to link..:))

The scale is great for the beach and it will stay, although the other stuff may well get moved around... everywhere is like a building site at the moment...the shop is a real be warned.. but that hasn't stopped the intrepid shoppers...I'm glad to say.

I read that LL are "consulting" on what to do about bots...(an earlier topic in these pages) and, if you have the will... can comment ....I just didn't think I could spare the time to read thro all the stuff, but if someone has more time than me.......

I figure that they will do whatever they decide to do..(duh! stupid comment)... and I will get to hear about it eventually.

oooo...I do like building....

Aliz said I should get the Salt HUD for calling up any size mega prim you want, and tho I was a bit stroppily resistant in the beginning ...she is right...absolute miracle... should have had one years ago (except they weren't available)... so I have been mega my little socks off.

also I joined Builders Brewery (group) and they are like the Mac Users...a great bunch of it.

busy as an ant...


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