Friday, 13 March 2009


Ok, so we know the linden Boys sometimes pour coffee over the keyboard and get pizza stuck in the CD slot....this can happen to the best of us, (even such dedicated professionals as the Boys surely are), life is like that.

Now... not being able to log on, I was advised to check the status... Hmmmm ... well...the status page on the blog tells me that some residents may have trouble logging on. OK. I had come to that conclusion already...thats why I'm on this page (duh!)...

So this page also invites me to monitor the RSS feed...and like the model resident that I am...i do... and find: question "Why?" relates to this particular thought pattern...

1) through my tier payments and multiple uploads etc. I presumably contribute to the US$ 5 000 000 that LL takes per month in tier.

2) some of this money hopefully goes towards paying wages of people who know how to post an article and have the necessary fingers available to do so..

3) yes....(you can see where i'm going with this train of thought).... here's an idea for you Boys, (its a free idea, with full perms), why not get someone who can type to write a few words on why you are having problems, or maybe what they are, or even how long you think it might take to get the whole thing going again. Just a thought. Some of the Boys have indicated that they are always on the lookout for new ideas to help improve my experience of Second Life... soo.. thats one.

Now the other thing, there are surely more, but lets take one at a time.... is... anyone who has been in SL for a while can predict when a new viewer is about to be unleashed on us.
Caro said, not 12 hours before the event, we must be getting a new viewer cos everything is going wrong. And... she was right... Aliz had black gloves on that she couldn't take off...crashes and tp probs....and... like a bad penny the new viewer was foisted on us.

Everyone knows that a new viewer precedes a period of instability, whether you download it or not; it is as predictable as ...hmmmm....something very predictable.

so..... Why? (2.0).....

There are always hundreds of words printed about all the fixes that this latest viewer adresses .. :)) why does it mess up the system to the point that we cant log on when it has fixed so many "issues"......?

Well.... I better stop now and try and log on again... good job I don't do anything important in Second Life, this could get me really mad.


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