Thursday, 12 March 2009

Island build

Busy as an ant, I am...:)) and I love it, although I was getting a bit burnt out...:)) ... (sorry to all those who suffered with me, but, hey, thats what friends are for, I hear). will definitely take a break after this little lot.

Anyway, the pictures are of the very start of a new build on Lifstaen, my island, well....mostly it belongs to my two good neighbours, Iz and Kasey. Now, Kasey has given me 10k m2 to fool around with and so I started on my mega stack. This is, in principle, the same one I was gonna build at Caerleon until I decided against it.

I have two other builds which are nearly finished, both at Caerleon, one on Sabrinaa's island and one on the collective.

Poetik Velvets, is finished as of tonight (unless Click has other ideas) when I am just gonna put a little finishing sound prim into the thing.

Photos will follow no doubt...


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