Monday, 30 March 2009

Sabrinaa Nightfire at Erato

Sabrinaa has an amazing talent to organise and show work from a number of artists, (and patience with some of them I think) and here she has done just that yet again.

MASKS! is a show of...well...just that on her new island at Erato of Caerleon, and, unlike a lot of Caerleon her terraforming and landscaping skills are to be admired.

Now, these poor photos don't do the show justice as there are lots...lots... of masks and most or a good many of them are moving. Some of these that I liked are scripted so its best to pop along there and see for yourself.

Erato of Caerleon, find in Search or IM me or Sabrinaa for am LM.


1 comment:

  1. /me jump up an' down, pointing at the one I made. Look, look!

    An' if you touch the big one, it will give you a little wearable one that looks the same. Yay!

    Is a great show. Sabrinaa is neat. :)