Friday, 27 March 2009

Stuff.... (sod it)

Well, a good number of Second Life bloggers have been disappointed at not being mentioned in the list of the top blogs. I was disappointed for approx 0.5 seconds.
NWN and other sites have been giving advice on "how to increase your blogs authority" and, labelling every post as "Stuff" is apparently not the way to get famous. Well....sod em all. hehhehehe

Seems to me that I blog cos I like it, not cos I'm working towards world domination. I'll leave that to the poor fools who are spending their time slitting pigs throats in World of Warcrap (world domination, not blogging.)

When I log into one of these facebookie type sites it asks me..."what are you doing now?" like I'm gonna Twit a comment. Well.... fool! ...I just logged onto your site...Duh!

Social networking as its now called (I've no interest in Botgirls recent forays) seems to me like a way of reassuring yourself that your 25467 friends have just as boring a life as you do. I am sooo disinterested I can't even finish this senta....... :)))

Now...every picture tells a story and this is a very amusing one...well, that is to say it amused me.
It is, of course, from the beastly bears at Hotel Dare ... I went back again last night with Pixi.. very amusing... don't know if it would be classed PG tho. I kinda hope it wouldn't be...



  1. Yay, stuff!


    (That's the captcha. They are fun these days.)

  2. :)))... now, Dale... that is all waaayyy over my head... what does it mean??? I recognise the words "they are fun these days"... but I guess I'm just not mixing with the right people...:))xxxx

  3. Imutabo even foxed Google....hehhehehe