Sunday, 29 March 2009

More sex

Well, to be accurate, grammatically, more ABOUT sex.
Otherwise it sounds like I am promoting promiscuity, which is, after all, not really down to me to have an opinion on......except that I always tend to have an opinion on things that are no concern of mine....

No, this is about sex, in particular the new Museum of Sex in SL which you can visit here

and, of course, dear reader thats exactly what I did, all in the name of good reporting. :)) ...well, lots of very ugly (this is an aesthetic point of view, not a moralistic one) pieces of furniture from the "good old days" through to the present day.
Now I get bored easy so I didnt spend a long time there.

The roasting spit, however caught my eye.
Now I would have thought that World of Warcrap would have had more use for this than any sexy SL ers. I know that getting hot is important (that much I have learnt) but I had always assumed that the "hot" was more emotional than literal. Still ...what do I know? Not much apparently..........

Comments from spit-users could help enlighten me.....

Much more amusing though was this news item from FL (first life) about a boy with a paint can and a good sense of humour who decided to decorate the roof of his parents home with a rather tribal decoration so that his house could be seen by Google Earth.

The parents said they would make him rub it off....although the posted item has been changed to say the parents would make him SCRUB it off... not sure if thats a real improvement, verbally.....


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