Saturday, 21 March 2009


Now, its all very well designing the slickest and most fashionable sims on the grid .... but .... I have a question. What happens if only 20% of the people who go there can rezz what you have designed?

Obviously some of our top designers have fantastic computers....they don't make do with the little old laptops some of us use. So...should they (or I as a designer) take the crummy laptop into consideration or not when fashioning the trendiest stuff they can?
There are pros and cons.

Pro....(doing the most taxing stuff you can)... is the point that, generally people will, over the years, upgrade their computers and so more of them will be able to see the designers original intentions as the old (e.g. my) technology catches up with theirs.

Con.... in the meantime people will give up trying to rezz stuff and go home.

and, of course, some people say its down to the Boys to sort it out so textures load better.......

Well, you may be wondering what has suddenly brought on this deliberation??? Well...its Poetik.. now....i can criticise Poetik without Nur displaying any of the outraged hurt that Georg did, for two reasons, one....I'm not building at Nurs....she doesnt really dig my style...and can surely get that excited about a little criticism based on an blue-haired bimbos opinion.

I have a lot of friends who, very kindly, come and look at stuff I've built, especially new stuff. But Poetik has foxed a lot of em. They can't find their way anywhere.... its laggy....and its not got any signs, and they fall down holes.
Now....based on the recent comments reported in NPIRL that I made about this medium... namely that using the computer screen to design on is like working with stained glass.... then...... black glass is a mirror. Or...very like a mirror. Try going to Poetik on a sunny day (unless you have your puter in a dungeon).....and you'll see my point.

Anyway....based on Bettinas recommendations I went to AVZ... and that where the above photos came from... I didnt buy anything, cos I couldnt see anything. I know malls are normally

BUT....AVZ had great, really great signage...


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