Saturday, 14 March 2009

Poetik Velvets.... wow

Well, today is the opening of the most amazing sim, Poetik Velvets, sponsored by Nur Moo and Juju Dollinger, Hern Worsley has spent 3 months creating exactly the sort of thing that SL should be home to.

Stunning in execution and conception, this is art which is NPIRL, and there is a great interview with Hern by Bettina here.

My small contribution is in the Hotel Dare (v 2.0) as seen above in the photo. Its a collab colon done with CensoredMy Lunt. Gattina Dumpling has been the mastermind behind the hotel part of the build, other geniuses on the site are numerous, Alpha Auer and four Yip, for example.

It opens at 8am and has a 24 hour party, the address is Poetik Velvets (179,100,72) or just search the sim on your map.

Don't be surprised if the sim is closed from too much traffic, just try later.


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