Sunday, 8 March 2009

Another Good prim

Many thanks for the positive comments on the Early Purple Orchid.... here is a close-up view of the prim.

Starting now to get to grips with my Caerleon project after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, and my bio is on their website, though some of you may have read it before. :))

Poetik Velvets opens on Saturday and really its a date you should put in your diaries, not because I have had a small part to play in one of the rooms, but because there is some absolutely stunning work there. Everything I ever said about photographic textures (mainly negative) can be thrown out of the window when really good builders get to work. I will list some of the names nearer the date, and I would think its gonna get an enormous amount of coverage.
I have reason to believe that my favourite DJ, Mr. Widget may be playing , but that I have not yet confirmed.

An amusing competiton sponsored by Rezzable, see NWN (link above) for a caption. I was gonna enter but I am so sick of having to register everywhere, lol, how many times to I have to give my details out, for heavens sake. My caption would have been "do you love sexe" which is also the title of my second most popular post for obvious reasons (my most popular being, according to my stats, this one...)....bunch of romantics... :))

Selavy got a mention in the New York Times article about BiW, but again, I'm afraid the fear of spam stopped me filling in details, including my income, which they asked me for. Sorry, I probably would have, if it had been about me......well....maybe not...:)))


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