Friday, 20 March 2009


Well... twit is an english slang word for a silly person. And Twittter is, as we all know, something birds do in your garden, which we, in typical anthropomorphic tradition deem to be about how wonderful life is, etc. (In fact they are saying "get off my property...or...I'm better in bed than he/she is").

Well.... having not done much of the more recent Twittering... I felt I shouldn't be left I thought you might like to see what a years twitter from me would be like:

" up, drank some coffee" X 365
"Hi..... making my breakfast now" X 365
"Wow driving to work"... X approx 200
"hey, y'all I'm eating my lunch" X 365.......

continue in the same vein until...

"Hi...everyone of my 23546 friends.... I'm going to bed,.... good night" X 365

So... basically thats my year gone...and its good to think I've shared something of depth and meaning with my thousands of best friends who all like to know exactly when I'm blowing my nose.

How did we manage before we had this facility? Hardly bears thinking about.


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