Thursday, 23 October 2008

Do you love sexe

No, not a misspelling.... that was the rather direct question I was asked yesterday by a new french man who happened upon me on Avgi, I was doing my invent (3 hours to sort out my tex) and didn't think I looked particularly like someone who loves sexe, but then what do I know.

Well, as you can imagine, I pondered the use/choice of verb and remembered that there had been times in my life when yes would have been an honest answer. Love seemed a bit extreme, however, for any activity nowadays that didnt have very creative or cerebral possibilities, (answering yes would obviously have put me in an tricky situation) and sex in SL didn't really come into that category (more on that later).

I answered "no" and, although we were not on voice, I could almost hear the indignation in his responding "why??". Sex in SL is stupid I replied, but he had already left on his search for a 'sexe' lover.

Well, now, obviously not all sex in SL is stupid, but my experience as a noob with another noob left much to be desired and it is only right I explain....hehhehehe...:))

It was the day after Box Day, ( the day I spent wearing a box which should have been a half-way decent frock) when a young man asked me if I knew how sex worked in SL. I said no and he offered to show me. Now, thinking that this was a skill that, although I had no intention of being an expert, was probably good background information that that I should have to survive SL. So I accepted his offer, thinking more of an explanation than a demonstration.

He disappeared and I accepted his TP only to arrive in a room with dodgy stone tex walls and lots of red drapes. from the photos on the wall it was obvious that he had bought me to somewhere where sex happens. There were lots of pink and blue balls which were scattered around the room.

I had never seen little balls before and when he said click on the pink one, I did......(Now I had no idea how to use my camera)....and suddenly I had disappeared off my screen, with the exception of one foot. My little foot was sticking up over the bottom edge of my monitor. I couldnt see anything.

Take off your clothes, he said, and as I guessed I was getting a full demonstration, I thought this to be a reasonable request. I clicked on my shoe and got the round thing come up on my screen...... detach was how i finally escaped the Box (yesterday) and so 'detach all' sounded like it would do the job. hehhehehehe

Well, I went and got a coffee. When I came back he had written.." hey, try this one". I got the camera under control suddenly, and, could apraise the situation fully.

My demonstrator was humping thin air.

I was bald.

A, hitherto, unknown gentleman was trying to insert a pink balloon which he had fixed to the front of his trousers into the back of my knee.

So, what to do. Well, its obviously not a situation which one is trained or prepared for in any way. It seemed a bit disloyal tho to be being humped by a stranger while a friend was humping thin air. So, although he had no balloon tied to the front of his trousers, (inventories are awful like that).... I joined him..... found my hair eventually and drank my coffee before it got cold.

The stranger a offered me friendship, but it seemed a bit silly really after he'd done my kneepit.

The young man fell in love with me...... but more of this epic another time....:))

Certainly one of the more amusing moments in my first week.


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