Sunday, 30 November 2008

bryn oh

This is bryn, the other day at sinetika, dancing on the ceiling at selavys build...which she's (selavy) still working on....(worth a visit when shes made a few changes, i think its friday night theres music, but will confirm that)...

And this is me looking stupidly into a pram again.....

And all this leads up to the most amazing build by Bryn Oh at Immersiva.
I went there today and didnt see the half of it, i think....stuff down pipes, stuff in the sky and tp's underwater..... all part of Bryn's secret bits and bobs.......
I'm not usually one for games....i get bored easy..and I'm not fast enough or practised enough to care about learning new stuff, but this was great... some was clever, some moving, emotionally, but all the bits are well made and thoughtful, and well textured (vital for me to enjoy myself) was more than a "must see"...I will be going back thats for sure.

The address is Immersiva (116,157,24) or IM me or Bryn...or just seach the sim and land anywhere... and look carefully...:)))



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