Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Virtual Blood Donor

Xerdar Oh, giving me a lift.

Ahh... yes... well....I have a very good friend of long aquaintence, Caro, one day expressed a certain interest in my virtual blood, which, to be quite honest, I didn't know I had. Anyway, what are friends for if not to help each other out.....

So, actually having forgotten this conversation, I popped over to see her and a friend she was eager that I met. So I did. Now.... yes.... they were all vampires.... It doesn't take great psychic powers of deduction, really, the uniform sort of gives it away, along with the castle, flaming torches and pentagram on the floor.

Now Caro was very seductively dressed, she's always a smart dresser (having an invent five times the size of mine), and the conversation soon came round to parting me from my blood (couldn't find any in invent, but they knew more about it all than me) and I was asked quite politely really if I was up for It ('It' being the parting of ways of me and aforementioned virtual liquid).

Well, a chill ran up my spine.... oh God...I had to ask (a fear to freeze any young thing to the marrow)..." Do I have to wear black?"
Being reassured that it was not a compulsory uniform, and furthermore that I could do it 'part-time' (I'm lousy at clubs and stuff....I never go...)...I thought it would all be OK....so... it was.

They drank my blood and I drank their's, very communal it was....and i left with new friends and some fangs in my invent...the only problem worrying me was whether to stash the fangs as body Parts or Clothing....along with an outfit I guess I'm gonna have to create.It won't be black..... Pink would sorta be rather NPIRL vamp.......hmmm


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