Monday, 17 November 2008

Architecture in SL

As part of Orange's "Architecture in Virtual Worlds" event, I will be hosting a talk on

"Hand-made textures for Sculpties"

Tuesday at 1:30 pm SLT at the Orange Auditorium, next to their headquarters, if you get lost I can send an LM.

My personal views on architecture in virtual worlds you have probably heard already. I make no secret at all about my view that the (almost) enforced colonisation of this fair land with dodgy textures of dodgy RL materials is second only in its criminality to Linden trees.

if you absolutely have to build with concrete, why can't it be shocking pink, or verdigris copper coloured.? .... where does this fascination with grey and drab brown come from ? ....its not like colours are gonna mess up the place.

Of all the countries I have visited it is only the so called first world, Europe and US that have this anal fixation on poo-colour and boring grey clothes. I blame the Christians, especially the Protestants, who seem to think the Devil lives in fact, the angels live in the light....:)) and not grey and brown light.



  1. So loved your presentation at Orange! Thanks so much. On the tree sculpties, you said enlarge to 1024, posterize, and go to 512. Where those tree textures to begin with or what? LOL loved them!

    friends....Floradora Sol

  2. Hi, and thanks you are very kind.
    With using the sculptie maps for textures, they start life as a 64x64 sculptie map. They fit exactly, of course, the prim they created, but are too often used unaltered, where they make poor tex, only by manipulating the sculptie map to an interesting set of colours does it become suitable for a tex. More details on an earlier post called "Textures in Second Life... workshop 3". (was posted in July)